The Patek Philippe Nautilus has been discontinued.  Now it comes back


The Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 is dead, long live the 5711. As news broke that Patek would abandon its most coveted model, arguably the most coveted watch in the world, at the start of this year, the brand is already pushing its replacement on front of the stage. As part of the kickoff of Watches and Wonders, the industry’s largest show, Patek announced a quartet of new Nautilus models, including the successor to the navy 5711.

The star of the show is the 5711 / 1A-014, identical in almost every respect to the watch that came before it, with one difference: the Nautilus replaces its traditional blue dial with an olive green dial. If you are new to the world of collecting watches, this may not seem like much. But in an industry obsessed with millimeters, this change is enough to set the world on fire. This is the first time that the shadow has appeared on a Nautilus. The waiting list for the item – potential buyers waited up to a decade to purchase the discontinued 5711 – begins now.

The 5711 / 1A is revived in green

Courtesy of Patek

Another new green Nautilus also comes with a baguette diamond ring.

Courtesy of Patek

While the 5711 / 1A is in the class of if you know you know the other new Nautilus models do not hesitate to show off. The first is the Nautilus with a green dial with 32 baguette diamonds. If that’s not enough for you, there is also a rose gold version of the watch filled with 2553 diamonds on the dial, case and bracelet. Many watch brands listen to their customers and tailor their watches to their tastes. Well, that sounds like a case where Patek takes a look around how celebrities are already treating their Nautilus – Lil Baby, Nicki Minaj, and Drake all have aftermarket breakups – and outdo them.


And if green isn’t your thing, the latest of the new Nautilus pieces stays true to the model’s iconic navy blue, wedging it in a rose gold case with a travel time feature. The room is ready for a post-vaccination world: windows marked “home” and “local” help the wearer keep track of the time in two time zones.

The reference 5990 / 1R-001 comes in the traditional navy blue, but is wrapped in a rose gold case.

Courtesy of Patek

Diamonds galore on the new reference 118 / 1450R-001.

Courtesy of Patek

After shutting down 5711, Patek chairman Thierry Stern told New York Times, “We can’t put a single watch on top of our pyramid.” However, it was not difficult to predict that a new range of the model would return. In the same interview, Stern revealed that the 5711 in particular “will have a victory lap. We will have a surprise final series of Ref. 5711. And that’s not what was left in the pipeline. And like all 5711s that came before him, Stern knows this watch will be a heart breaker as well. “How many there will be, I cannot give that information,” he said. “It won’t be enough for everyone who is waiting for one.”

At the moment, it’s not entirely clear whether this watch will even be in production after this year. Patek notes in the announcement that it won’t make watches 5711 / 1A after 2021 – this green coin shares that reference number. If this watch is only in production for this year – a pop champagne to send the 5711 – you can expect an even bigger Patek frenzy than usual.


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