This affordable Casio fishing watch will please you


The watch: The Casio Pro-Trek PRT-B70 series

The best thing about this watch: There is something fishy about this.

The backstory: Casio has concocted the ultimate companion for a booming fisherman – this watch tracks the best time to bring them back and even calculates the likelihood of catching something based on your time and location. And while this may seem like a niche concern, know that the entire watch industry is built around service to professionals and amateurs. Even though the Rolex Submariner is technically a diver’s watch, it is just as popular with offices as it is among diving enthusiasts. In fact, these “tool” watches – whether made for diving or piloting an airplane – are the hottest part of the watch market. Think of this Pro-Trek the same way: Even if you’re not a seasoned angler, this watch offers a lot to love in terms of design. The chunky design is reminiscent of celebrity-favorite G-Shocks (also made by Casio) from the 2000s, and the dial features a colorful ring of fruity red, orange, and yellow accents. Plus: The digital display that highlights the best time to cast a line isn’t just a useful tool – it’s a fun tip for making a school of fish materialize on your watch. The thing about creating a great tool watch is that it ends up being a great watch, period.


Men’s clothing has gone fishing: Now might be a particularly good time to invest in a fishing-themed watch, as the sport has moved from the hobby of the taciturn and wading-wading into a full-fledged menswear trend. We have observed the influence of peach on men’s style over the past few years. David Letterman has created one of our favorite outfits over the past few years: a tactical waterproof jacket, a bucket hat, roomy pants and… a fishing rod. Letterman’s outfit was pure purpose – it was just stunning. (It looks a lot like this watch, to be honest.) Recently none other than Supreme recognized the way the tide was flowing and teamed up with South2 West8, the coolest supplier of fishing gear. David Coggins, a former menswear statesman, has a new book on fishing. This Casio Pro-Trek strikes just at the right time to catch that wave.

Where and when to buy it: The Pro-Trek is currently on sale on Amazon for $ 168.

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Casio Pro Trek Quartz Sports Watch with Resin Strap


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