This antiperspirant improved my underarm routine

I consider myself a skincare enthusiast – I take care of my face with many morning and nighttime routines. However, sometimes the skin on my body doesn’t get as much love. The most overlooked area? Probably my armpits. When I self-isolated for the majority of 2020 and 2021, I didn’t care how the area looked or felt (or even, let’s be honest, smell). But now that my spring and summer social calendar is filling up, feeling fresh there is more important. Enter: Dove Ultimate Peony & Rosewater Antiperspirant. This is my new go-to for smooth, not clammy skin.

When researching an antiperspirant, I considered two key features. For starters, I have dry, sensitive skin, so I need a non-irritating formula. Second, I’m a sweaty girl, so a stick that can curb sweat and odor consistently is a must.

Ultimate Antiperspirant Stick Peony and Rosewater



Dove antiperspirant checks all of these boxes and more. The scent is the perfect balance of sweet and floral, and while it lasts for days, it doesn’t overpower. Seriously, there was a 48 hour period where I didn’t wash my armpits or reapply antiperspirant (I had to test that sweat and odor protection claim of 48 hours!), and my mom told me I had a floral-scented light in progress.

One of my favorite things about the stick – and why I literally can’t stop talking about what you might think is just a simple antiperspirant – is how soft it feels. to the skin of my armpits. The formula is packed with glycerin (it has six times more ingredients than the brand’s Advanced Care line), a humectant that helps hydrate and improve skin texture. The stick is water-based, instead of being wax-based like traditional antiperspirants. Thanks to this innovation, it can provide more moisture to the skin without compromising its effect on perspiration and odor.


Since I started sweeping the formula, which has a pleasant cooling sensation, I noticed that the sensitivity, bumps and dryness that I used to feel after shaving, a hot shower or the perspiration, are largely minimized. Instead, my skin is even and nourished.

An antiperspirant with skincare ingredients is definitely not a product I needed, but now I don’t think I could live without it.

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