This dry shampoo does more than just prolong your washes

Whether it was a cry for attention to a new “do” or some serious boredom during the pandemic, I decided to get myself some trendy curtain bangs a few months ago. And while they look fabulous when I style them properly, they get incredibly oily, quickly. Instead of having to wash and style my bangs every day, I turned to Batiste Original life-changing dry shampoo, which has been the perfect tool to brighten up my bangs (and hair) between washes. Of course, that’s just one of the few reasons I can’t get enough of this oil-absorbing spray.

It is safe for colored hair.

Dying my graying roots at 29 comes with a lot of maintenance, and I can spray this dry shampoo on my scalp knowing it won’t mess up my dye job. Plus, it helps me avoid washes which is essential in maintaining my color. “What damages hair color the most is when you wet the fibers and wash off the color with shampoo,” explains Perry romanowski, an independent cosmetic chemist. “Dry shampoo prevents exposure to water, which makes it better for colored hair.”

It makes the oil disappear as if by magic.

Unlike other dry shampoos that feel heavy and weighed down, this formula feels airy on my scalp. “Not only does it cut grease and oils from the hair, but it also makes the hair soft, shiny and manageable,” says Eliut Rivera, hairdresser and owner of Eliout Lounge At New York. “Especially if your hair is thin and limp.”


“What I love about Batiste Dry Shampoo is that it not only removes grease and oils from the hair, but it also makes the hair soft, shiny and manageable.” – Eliut Rivera, hairdresser

Its degreasing action is due to the rice starch. “Rice starch has a slightly higher oil absorption capacity than tapioca or corn starch, and it also has a small particle size that allows it to be sprayed and distributed over the hair. more easily, ”says cosmetic chemist Kelly Dobos.

It keeps my curtain bangs at their best.

Yes, it helps remove the oil when I haven’t washed my hair in a few days, or right after a workout, but I’ve also found it incredibly useful on my new midlife curtain bangs. Bangs get noticeably oily faster than other parts of the hair, thanks to their position just above the forehead and touching them with dirty, oily hands throughout the day. I like to use this dry shampoo only on my bangs to cut the fat and bring it back to life, without having to wash them only in my sink, a fun little activity that I did too often, before discovering Batiste.

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It acts as a primer for some hairstyles.

Even after washing my hair, I sometimes like to blow dry it and then apply Batiste Dry Shampoo to add body. It also works wonders for adding texture to braids or a mid-rise hairstyle. To use this dry shampoo, “you have to part the hair where your part is and make sure you keep the can at arm’s length, don’t bring it close to your head,” says Jana Rago, hairdresser and owner of Jana Rago Studios In Boston. “When you spray it, you need to start at the scalp and spray to the middle of your hair shaft. If you use Batiste right after a workout or if you sweat a lot, first take a hair dryer and cool it to keep the oil away from your roots, then start spraying this dry shampoo to prolong your hair. hairstyle.

It doesn’t irritate my scalp.

The light and simple starch formula is free of parabens and sulfates, two ingredients that I find irritating. “Since [Batiste Dry Shampoo] does not contain detergents like sodium lauryl sulphate or decyl glucoside, it will not be as irritating to the scalp », explains


Romanowski. “Also, it’s sprayed on the hair and very little is supposed to get into the scalp – you’re supposed to comb it, which will also help reduce irritation and damage. “

“Rice starch absorbs the oil,” explains Dobos. “Rice starch has a slightly higher oil absorption capacity than tapioca or corn starch, and it also has a small particle size that allows it to be sprayed and distributed over the hair. easier.”

Its fragrance is subtle and lasting.

It’s light, a bit tropical, and not too powdery like a few other dry shampoos I’ve used. “I think the scent is just created in such a way that it’s made to last longer,” says Romanowski. “This would be done by using more ‘base notes’ that don’t smell as strong when you first smell them but stay longer on the skin or the surface of the hair, like musk or vanilla or something. kind.”

This pretty box, with its colorful branding and light, refreshing scent, makes it easier and more efficient for me to use my time – I spend less time washing my hair, less time drying my hair, less time dealing with washed-out scalp dandruff and more time living my life on my own schedule, rather than worrying about my oily scalp.

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