This GQ editor beats the cold in a $ 9 fleece jacket


Chris Gayomali, editor-in-chief of GQ Articles, was eyeing an old Cav Empt fleece, which was selling online for over $ 400, when he made the most fortuitous of fashion discoveries: the source material. “I realized this was basically a carbon copy of those old US Army bear jackets, which are so warm you feel like a real bear,” Chris says.

Chris hopped on Etsy With Speed, where he grabbed a vintage version of the real deal at a military surplus store for a measly $ 9. “He arrived beaten, pilled and covered in dog hair,” he says. “It means he’s highly regarded. It means it’s perfect. Given the merciless cold that New York has endured all winter, it’s hard to imagine a smarter investment. “It’s meant to be used as a liner, but I went out with only a t-shirt underneath in the 25 degree weather and felt warm enough.

If you’re looking to follow in Chris’ gentle footsteps, there are currently plenty of affordable versions available in a variety of sizes on Etsy and eBay. And for a closer look at Chris’ undervalued Grail – and for other episodes of # StaffStyle – be sure to follow @GQ on Instagram.

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US Bear Military Suit Jacket


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