This GQ employee uses a wavy sundress to get her good vibes


Between her daily work on the GQ fashion team and her second life as a talented artist, Courtney Spitznagel often uses her wardrobe to help her supercharge her creative juice. “I try to keep an open mind when dressing and exploit the wavelength I’m sailing that day,” says Courtney. “I am continually drawn to pieces that invigorate and inspire me on a deeper energetic level.”

Lately, Courtney has been drawn to this epic flowy dress from German designer Julia Heuer over and over again. “Julia Heuer’s pieces are alive with vivid colors, enigmatic shapes and a texture of hand-made pleats. This dynamic combination makes you feel like you’re wearing a work of art, and as a painter myself that’s always the point.

Looking to siphon some of this fearless artistic energy in your direction? We’ve found an equally trippy Heuer dress for your shopping pleasure below. For a closer look at how Courtney wears her pictorial holy grail and for every episode of #GQStaffStyle, be sure to follow @GQ on Instagram.


Julia Heuer “Ramo” Long Sleeve Pleated Dress

Julia Heuer orange silk “Novi” shirt

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Julia Heuer beige “Jack” pants


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