How many of us have heard this quote from Rudyard Kipling – “God couldn’t be everywhere and so he made mothers?“We heard this quote over and over and immediately felt a little guilty for not treating our mothers to the best of our ability.

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This does not mean that we are particularly cruel to our mothers. It’s just that sometimes we’re not on the same page.

We live with the impression that we know everything and since the world has changed so much, our mothers are very naive in not letting us do certain things. But in reality, is this ever the case? Maybe this is the change that made our mothers so wise? Have we ever stopped to think about it?

All that aside, how many of us have had endless birthdays feasting? Did you enjoy the trips to the local parks during the children’s day? Succulent meals awaited us when we spoke the words – are my friends coming home?

We don’t even want to start off on how easily everything in our life is done. From delicious 3 meals a day to snacks in between, laundry, well-kept room, fridge always full with bottled water. These things don’t happen on their own, you know?

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Such things require constant attention and it is given to them by our mothers. Mothers work with the same intensity every day and dedicate their entire lives to uplifting us. So that we can be better humans so that we are the best versions of ourselves. All the while, moms are not even exhausted and need to maintain impeccable health conditions so that they can take care of us!

When will they receive their contribution? Why not do something for them on Mother’s Day? Why not pamper them rotten? Why not trade their lives just for a day? Be in their shoes and see how hard it is to work!

If it was Valentine’s Day, all social networks would have been swarming with messages about love and how amazing it is to be in love! We are already in the second week of May. Sunday is a few days away, there aren’t many social media posts on Mother’s Day. #Sigh

On this Mother’s Day, the FashionLady team has decided to step in for Mother’s Day. We decided to spread as much love and awareness as possible. Since we are based in Hyderabad, we will reach out to people in the malls and do our best to appreciate the hard work.

We are splitting into three teams and will target shopping malls and places where we can find the most mothers with their children.

As we call it, #SuperMomsDay, our day will start at noon. We plan to be at Inorbit Shopping Center, Hitech City with Buyer stop and Kodak Photo Express and do our part to spread love and happiness. If you like us, come and meet us! You can easily spot us (we’ll be the ones with the goofy smiles and love on our faces).

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While we want to keep the entire plan a surprise, we can’t wait to give you all the little details! To start off with a little teaser, let’s just say the program will include lots of makeovers, roses, photos, and selfies! Are you all still excited? Because we know, we are!

Until then, goodbye readers! See you on Sunday!

Lots of love,
FL team


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