This pillow saved me from my TMJ and my tight jaw


The only time I’m speechless is early in the morning. After a night of grinding my teeth and clenching my jaws, I would wake up with a terrible tension headache, unable to open my mouth. (A Hocus pocus childhood nightmare come true.) After a virtual sob session with my doctor, I was diagnosed with TMJ. My diagnosis aligned with the start of the pandemic, so I was unable to see a dentist or dermatologist (a mouthguard and masseter neurotoxin are both solutions). Instead, I turned to Amazon, looking for a solution.

First of all, I read so many verified reviews that I started to develop a back problem in addition to my jaw problem. Next, I decided to try two pillows with rave reviews from TMJ sufferers: one costing just under fifty dollars and another over 150 dollars. Yes, I spent over $ 200 on pillows which is a sign of both a desperate woman and a woman who just turned 30.

Misiki Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow Pillow


They both arrived in tiny boxes at my door 48 hours later. It was like opening a tube of Pillsbury Grands – the moment the rectangles of compressed foam were free, they would turn into full-size pillows. After giving them a few hours to air out (foam pillows can smell a bit chemical), I decided to spend my first night with the fancy pillow. And to my surprise, money can’t buy the class, and it didn’t buy me a better night’s sleep either. It’s the cheaper pillow, which looks like a giant maxi pillow, that helped me sleep through my ideal six and a half hours without oral agony.

It seems silly to explain how a pillow works, but it’s no ordinary shaped pillow. Place your head on one of the horizontal sides – there are two different convex depressions at other height options depending on your height or if you like to sleep with your arm under your pillow – and your head is cradled there, unable to tilt forward. (The forward protrusion of your head and neck is usually what causes your jaw to contract.)

The pillow comes with a gray and white quilted pillowcase which is ugly. Complete stop. But my favorite Slip Silk pillowcase fits perfectly on it, and I’m so attached to this pillow that I’m considering having a custom made to fit it. I also bought one of these pillows for every bed I sleep in.


Sleeping with this pillow every night allows me to last longer between my Botox appointments. (Yes, I also finally took the plunge and got some Botox masseter. The combination is unstoppable for me, and I never look back.) I’m always at a loss for words in the mornings these days, but it does. is because I start each day with 30 minutes of silent meditation. Yeah, I’m one of the those people now. This is how good this pillow is.

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