This underrated Timberland silhouette is having a good time


Over the years, Timberland’s 6-inch work boot has established itself as an East Coast footwear icon, alongside the Nike Air Force 1. It has also gained some serious streetwear stripes along the way. The decades-old style is so elegantly timeless that it has made its way to luxury fashion brands including Vetements and Louis Vuitton, which started playing on the tough and distinct silhouette last year. In recent seasons, however, Timberland’s official collaborations with brands like Supreme, Aimé Leon Dore and now with New York label Alife have brought to light a different, slightly unexpected model: the brand’s Authentic 3-Eye Lug shoe. .

Courtesy of Timberland x Alife

Alife is no stranger to Timberland. (For the uninitiated, Alife was founded in the late 1990s and has been an influential player in the historic downtown Manhattan streetwear scene ever since.) In 2007, the two brands teamed up on a limited release. of the classic work boot, and this collaboration marks the third time the duo have bonded. Alife is known for bringing a left-of-center aesthetic to projects (see the brand’s recent collaboration with Crocs), and this is no exception. The Authentic 3-Eye design is kept relatively intact, with the exception of the newly oversized double-stacked “Lug” sole. By playing with the proportions, Alife added a bit more harshness to an already difficult shoe, while Timberland’s classic colors keep things from feeling too flashy. The shoe duo will be available on May 4 exclusively through Alife.

Courtesy of Timberland x Alife
Courtesy of Timberland x Alife

This is just the last big look of the 3-Eye. Between the leopard-print version of Supreme and the decidedly dressier reimagination of Aimé Leon Dore, this third high-profile collaboration seems to indicate that the style is about to reach new heights. (In this case, literally.) The spotlight is well deserved here: it’s essentially an ultra-rugged boat shoe with a bit of artisanal flair – a winning combination. This new collaboration with Alife only seems to confirm that the spotlight on the silhouette is no accident. Either way, something tells us that this won’t be the last we’ll see from Timberland’s 3-Eye in the streetwear world.



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