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The only best thing about this watch: He lives his life a quarter mile at a time, baby.

The backstory: Because of course, Jacob & Co. has already made a watch dubbed Twin Turbo Furious which, despite its shared fury, has nothing to do with the nine-part movie franchise. What this monster of a racing-inspired watch has has a dial like a speedometer and a function designed to time laps, and a power reserve – the bit that measures how long a watch can keep running before to have to be reassembled – which looks like a fuel meter. Naturally, to launch a new official partnership with Universal Pictures and the Fast Furious franchise, Jacob & Co. has revamped its Twin Turbo Furious with a few touches from the beloved movies. As the franchise prepares to release its ninth installment, the watch dates back to 2001, when the first Fast Furious, came to seek inspiration. The dial features a woman holding checkered flags in front of two cars presumably waiting to get fast, furious, or both. This is meant to be just the first Fast Furious“What we have planned is incredibly exciting and will be as fast, furious and exciting as the movie saga,” said Benjamin Arabov, CEO of Jacob & Co. in a press release. . This model is limited to just nine pieces, in honor of F9, and costs $ 580,000.

Courtesy of Jacob & Co
Courtesy of Jacob & Co

Take me to the movies: While beautiful watches have long been the preserve of opera goers and symphony lovers, a handful of recent high-end watches pair well with buttered popcorn. Audemars Piguet released a Black Panther– inspired watch that features a chiseled superhero figurine on its dial. Jacob & Co. is also responsible for a Scarface watch with a sparkling music box integrated into the dial.

Before these pieces, high-end watches and films had little in common beyond the fact that the protagonists sometimes wore beautiful pieces or personalized pieces. From now on, the cinema becomes a real source of inspiration. Customers don’t want the watch Dom Toretto or T’Challa wore, they want a piece that outrageously pays homage to their favorite movie.

Where and when to buy it: Try your local Jacob & Co. store.


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