Thom Browne and Samsung have made a new phone.  Do not use it to take a shaped photo


There’s more than just a phone in the new collaboration, too. In typical Browne fashion, he wants to create a uniform, at least for your cellular device. In addition to the two foldable phones, there are wristbands for a smartwatch, headphones and their case, charging units and an “S Pen” stylus, all remade in Browne’s vision. Even the phone software contains Browne’s fingerprints. Venetian blinds, like those in its stores, move up and down when the phone is on and off, while the keypad makes nostalgic typewriter noises. It’s just the way his mind works. “As you know, I do collections,” he says in a neutral tone, “so I always think more of the total, more of the collection.” He sees the phone as an entry point into his world, unless it’s the finishing touch for pre-existing converts.

Consistency, majestic costumes, and the big picture are touchstones of Browne’s design language, an outgrowth of his passion for all things ultra-precise mid-century. In this way, a cell phone may seem like a curious project for Browne. “The most important thing for me is that when I refer to things from the past, I make them relevant for today,” he says. “That’s one of the big reasons I was interested in the phone too. The trick was to “take such modern technology and make it feel like it’s comfortable, because of those references from the past.” The most annoying thing for me is when people refer to the past and you only see the past. It just gives the impression that it doesn’t matter. The flip phone is therefore no different from its shrunken costumes: an object from the past remade for the present.

Courtesy of Samsung x Thom Browne

And while phones have gotten prettier since the days of Browne’s first flip phone – just look at these new pearly models – they haven’t necessarily contributed to universal beautification. Browne has lamented the obsolescence of fashion photography in the past, and that’s certainly not a cause helped by the inordinate numbers of booming photographers on Instagram. “Yeah, it looks like it does. Slippery slope in whatever will happen, ”he said. “Too many people think they are [fashion photographers]. “


Browne’s new collaboration with Samsung is available for pre-order today, August 11.

Courtesy of Samsung x Thom Browne
Courtesy of Samsung x Thom Browne
Courtesy of Samsung x Thom Browne


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