With the online shopping craze slowly taking hold across the nation, I am quite dismayed every day at the number of fake brand name products being sold online. For example, a friend of mine recently bought a fake Gucci watch online.

While some sellers are outright crooks, offering lucrative prices for Gucci watches claiming they are real; people get carried away by outdated price tags.

When someone decides to buy Gucci, it is certainly because of the brand. Some people don’t even hesitate to spend a small fortune to add a touch of luxury to their wardrobe, but it’s quite heartbreaking how young shoppers get cheated every now and then.


So I finally decided to create an article to help my fellow buyers identify fake Gucci watches. To read !

how to identify fake Gucci watches
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The luxury brand, Gucci, founded in 1921, remains one of the largest watch manufacturers in the world. They basically produce three types of watches: quartz, automatic and bracelet.

Among all other brands, Gucci is the most replicated brand today. Counterfeit Gucci watches may look quite genuine to you, but they feature inexpensive quality mechanisms, have no value, and are illegal.

If you are thinking of gifting your wife a Gucci watch, be sure to check the red flags indicating that it is a fake.

Gucci watch, real or fake
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Below are the top 10 tips for identifying fake Gucci watches. Continue reading!


1. Check the face of the watch before purchasing it. Real parts are always precise, perfectly spaced, and their numbers are uniform. Counterfeit coins, on the other hand, can have odd spacing and still differ in size.

2. Discover the seconds and minutes hands. The brand still uses a Swiss quartz movement, which is smooth. Hand movement over replicas will tick or stick.

3. The “Made in switzerland“The slogan on the actual parts is always at the bottom center of the face below the 6 o’clock position.

4. Now simply turn the watch over. Most genuine parts have the model number displayed on the back. And if you don’t see anything other than a patch or a patch with the Gucci name on it, then that’s a pretty obvious fake.

The ten best ways to spot a fake
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You will never find the original items without any additional markings, as well as the badge.

5. Another difference, you can find that the peaks of the replica are generally larger than those of the real watches.

If you are a real brand person, Fashionlady suggests you visit their official website to learn more about branding.

6. Just feel the weight of the coin you are ready to buy. Original parts are made from heavy materials such as stainless steel or gold, while imitation models are likely to be lighter.

7. Check the links. The links of the genuine numbers are made of metal while the replicas will always have a hollow link.

Fake Gucci Watches
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Online shoppers are warned!

8. If you are unsure of the authenticity of the store you landed in, better to visit any reputable store. Don’t get carried away by the enticing price. It’s good to compare prices, but when you find a huge difference in the price of Gucci watches, something goes wrong.

9. Look for authentic images of the watch. The sharper the clarity of the image, the better hands you are. Images should be of high resolution, which makes it easier for you to check details. Just exit the online store if you are not convinced by the pictures.

ten. Last but not the least – if you are buying a used Gucci watch, check the proof of purchase. A Gucci watch comes with a certificate of authenticity. Check the serial number. You can check the serial number at any nearest store to verify its authenticity.

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So, the next time you buy a Gucci watch, consider the above points.

Shop hearty!


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