Holi is a festival of colors and pranks, where children are often seen hiding behind walls throwing colored water balloons at passers-by, where there is no age limit for taking handfuls of color to paint everyone’s face and where the festive atmosphere is alive until the sun goes down. The markets appear extremely vibrant and colorful with shops selling colorful powders, water balloons, and water guns. But more than anything, Holi is about living in harmony with one another and destroying the evil within us.

Holi celebrations

Reasons we love to celebrate Holi:

Here are five reasons why we love to celebrate Holi and always look forward to this holiday every year.


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1. It brings the season of heat:

Holi is usually celebrated in the month of March and is believed to mark the start of the warm season. This festival is considered a spring festival, which says goodbye to cold winters. Many crops in India are celebrating this change of season and many farmers are also starting their new crops.

Holi celebrations
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2. We love squirting colors:

There’s nothing quite like running through clouds of color, splashing paint on your friends, and throwing water balloons at each other – a true meaning of color bombardment. ! Being in the middle of this riot of color gives a sense of belonging. Everyone has color on their face, hair, and clothes. Some of the best memories are made during this festival and don’t forget, the beautiful photos that come out that day will stay forever!

Colors of Holi

3. It’s a festival of love and antics:

Besides the celebration of the death of evil, the color tradition of this festival was born thanks to Lord Krishna. It is believed that Little Krishna, along with his buddies, played with the colors in Vrindavan and Gokul that day. Therefore, paint colors on everyone’s faces and have a fun celebration turned into a community event. Another folklore tells us that Lord Krishna painted the face of Radha on this day. So they fell in love and the festival of color was born.

Radha Krishna Holi
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4. Everyone is your friend:

It is the only festival where all personal boundaries are dropped and people come together to frolic with joy. From young to old, everyone launches into the frenzy. Anyone can throw colors at anyone and no one is held to that. The thing called ‘personal space’ is unknown on Holi, as the day only ends with lots of new friends. Colors do not differentiate a boy from a girl or fair skin from dark skin. The whole nation looks united, drenched in a riot of color.

Holi for women
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5. We like to dress in white:

Wearing white for Holi has become an unwritten rule. After all, what other color can the Holi rainbow stand out as well as white. So if you’re wondering how to wear your whites this Holi season, here’s our quick guide to help you figure out what to wear on the holidays.

Monochrome white outfit:

Wear white from top to bottom. Go for a white salwar, with white pajamas and a white dupatta, or go for a pair of white palazzos with a white tank top or tee. Go for a full white ensemble that will showcase the colors of Holi brilliantly. Of course, your clothes are going to be completely ruined with no hope of salvation, so go for some cheap clothes that you can throw away after the celebration.

Holi Outfits
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White with prints:

If full white is too boring for you, you can combine whites with prints to create interesting combinations. How about a white kurta with printed leggings or maybe even a white top with a printed skirt? Opt for tribal prints or some other form of ethnic print to really get into the spirit of Holi.

White with prints
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Color blocking with white:

Color blocking is all the rage these days, so why not use white to create a color blocked outfit? Use your imagination and go crazy; after all, it’s Holi – the festival of colors! So go ahead and pair white with red or yellow, too bright? Regardless, it’s Holi time and anything goes!


Color blocking with white
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Pair of white with denims:

White with denim is a classic combination and you can’t go wrong. Pair a white top with your old faded jeans or shorts. Just make sure jeans aren’t your favorite as there will be little hope after the colorful Holi celebrations. Distressed jeans look especially good with white, as do cropped shorts. White paired with black jeans is also a great look for Holi. Try pairing a white top with three quarter black jeans and see how you like the look.

Pair of white with jeans
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Pair of white with pastels:

If you don’t have an all-white outfit or think it’s too austere, you should consider pairing white with other pastel shades. It’s actually a pretty cool and chic look. Chances are, you’ll try this look, decide that you like it too much to ruin the clothes during Holi, and put it back in your wardrobe to be worn another time when you won’t get flushed with colors. .

Pair of white with pastels
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Hope our guide on how to wear white for Holi was helpful. Remember to opt for clothes that will provide maximum coverage. This will help protect your skin from the colors as much as possible. So, go for a long sleeve top versus a sleeveless one and full length skirt or pants over shorts or knee length skirt. Also, keep in mind that most white clothes tend to turn transparent once they get wet. So always wear underpants or something underneath so that there is no risk of such embarrassing events.

Remember to wear comfortable shoes as well, preferably easily washable rubber or plastic shoes. Holi is a very physical festival because it is without you having to put extra strain on your feet by wearing uncomfortable shoes. You need to be totally comfortable and in your element to have the most fun possible during Holi.

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