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If you know Tracee Ellis Ross, whether it’s from her 25-year career in film and television or through the lens of her vibrant social media, it’s no surprise that she loves fashion. As, really love fashion. The actress’s love affair with beautiful clothes comes in her purest quest: to bring joy. But what’s really remarkable about how Ross experiences joy is that somehow, across stages and screens, she’s very contagious.

To watch her welcome the AMAs (sort of eclipse both Rihanna and her mother, the inimitable Diana Ross) to seeing her wearing Moschino clothes to the Met Gala, watching her cackle in a pool with a glass of rosé, seeing Ross happy makes us happy in return. She has the uncanny ability to make us believe that we have an intimate connection with her beyond our shoddy WiFi. What do do you call stage presence when it broadcasts from a gate post?

From our POV, Ross is a walking ray of sunshine, even though the past year has brought the clouds. And in Ross’ true hyperbolic form, his sense of luxury has remained a constant. “To me glamor is a ‘how’, not a ‘what’. It’s the way you choose things, what makes your heart light up and your heart sing,” she said. to SHE on the phone. “I just watched that Halston limited series and I think of Elsa Peretti in those moments, and that sense of glamor is a sense of self, a sense of identity, and having the courage to live like that. “

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Its own brand of fierce individuality is one of the reasons Tiffany & Co. operates the Blackish star for a new role. Announced today, the iconic fine jewelry has named Ross global ambassador for the house where it presents its new T1 collection campaign “Give Me the T”, photographed by Mario Sorrenti in New York. The partnership is complete for Ross, who grew up across the street from her flagship Fifth Avenue store ogling merchandise for herself. (“I had my first Elsa Peretti bean when I was a teenager.”)

We caught up with Ross about her personal relationship with jewelry (does she wear it during her intense Tracee Anderson workouts?) And the style question we’re all dying to have answered: does she agree. the return of Girlfriends“Fashion of the 2000s?

The T1 collection is all about inner strength and individuality. How did you keep these things going during such a difficult year?

Grounding myself in the spaces I had control over, which was my personal care, making sure it was deep conditioning my hair or putting on lipstick or making my bed in the morning, and cook me nice meals. One of the ways I stay connected to my strengths was to be connected to my fellow human beings and to make a conscious effort to stay connected to my friends and family even though we couldn’t see each other. And because of the year we’ve had, the service work I’ve done, and being connected to both the political environment and using my platform and my voice to come forward for my community. Do the DNC and all the knowledge I had to acquire as I entered this experience. Deepen our mission within my own hairdressing business. Being of service is one of the ways I stay connected to my own voice and individuality where you are part of the larger community and not just yourself and your ego.

This is one of the reasons this campaign was so enthusiastic. Having this T1 collection all about individuality is so much of what we all make sense of as we re-emerge. While we were locked in our homes, it was all ‘who am I in the context of others? It sounds like a nice way to reappear.

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A behind-the-scenes look at Tracee Ellis Ross on set.

Courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

Many people have rediscovered themselves over the past year, redefining the way we move around the world. How has your relationship to glamor changed?

It hasn’t changed much. I find myself listening to things that I feel comfortable with. I think the biggest change is the shoes. I can’t say I’m drawn to a really high stiletto heel. I’m drawn to a great apartment or a great pair of socks. Honestly, I’m on the hunt for some great socks that I can wear with my Birkenstocks.

Luxury can seem inaccessible to many. But the word can mean several things: a cheap dessert or a state of mind. What do you think is the most luxurious thing that exists beyond price?

Sometimes the most luxurious thing you can do is slowly walk from A to B. That ridiculous old saying of “don’t forget to smell the roses” really is that. This is luxury. Some of the most luxurious things I do is lie on my bed and talk to a girlfriend on the phone, and bask in the joy of that connection and laughs with someone who knows you so well. The other incredibly luxurious thing that everyone knows I’m a fan of is taking a bath. I love to take a bath! It’s a special way to have time with myself and slow down. The other thing that I love that doesn’t come at a high price are fresh cut flowers. Whether you buy them at the market, by the side of the road, or at a flower shop, even if it is a stem of a beautiful flower, it can bring so much luxurious joy into your life just by looking at something. beautiful thing.

I think luxury is individually defined. It depends on what makes your heart sing, and what gives you access to that opening of the heart, and how can you make yourself allow yourself the space and time to do it?

I don’t see anyone who loves fashion and the joy it brings more than you. How big is your wardrobe?

It’s not that big… but it will be. I am extremely organized. I can fit so many things into a small space. The thing with my wardrobe is that I don’t get rid of things. I learned from my mother at a very young age. She said ‘you can spend money on things but you have to take care of it.’ my style hasn’t really changed. I always love high waisted wide leg pants. I’ve been doing this ever since I realized that was what was going well on my body. The blazers that I have always had. I will keep things and I will keep them well. Dry cleaning is not something I do often, your clothes will last longer. My closet is my happy place. This is where dreams are woven.

Do you have bad buying habits?

Oh, I don’t call them bad buying habits, they’re good buying habits. But I have a shopping habit, let’s be clear about this. Matches Fashion is my reference. When Barneys closed, it solidified it. I haven’t walked into a store in ages. I buy everything on MatchesFAshion. I really do. I am VIP with them.

casting of

The cast of Girlfriends

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Girlfriends had one of the best styles in television history, especially to represent the 2000s. What do you think of the comeback of this aesthetic? Are you going to wear low rise jeans?

No, I look back and he looks back. It’s the low rise jeans that makes me think. Number one, I’m not that skinny anymore but it still looks good. This first season, these are all my clothes. These are my personal clothes that I wore as Joan Carol Clayton. This red cover that I gave to the show and picked it up. Those McQueen jackets that I still have. Lots of those Louboutin shoes that I kept. Because they were so special.

I remember when I was a kid people would say style is cyclical and I was like anything, it’s crazy. I wore elephant leg stockings to college and my mom said ‘Oh my god I have some!’ and I was all ‘these are cool!’ Then I saw the acid wash and stirrup pants come back and I was there the first time! It’s fun to see what holds up over time and what absolutely doesn’t.

Do you think these are low rise jeans?

It’s not going to happen. It’s just crazy.

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