Tracksmith Brighton Base Layer Long Sleeve Review


Over the past couple of years I have become a huge fan of the Tracksmith running tops. They are always the first I catch and I have walked hundreds of kilometers with them. They recently reworked their Brighton line, their seamless styles rendered in merino wool. I bought the long sleeve version to help me run errands in cold weather. So far I’ve only worn it on its own, but as the temperatures continue to drop I’ll be layering it under jackets and vests. I could even wear it on a ski. Here’s everything you need to know about the Brighton Long Sleeve Underwear.


In general, Tracksmith’s tops tend to run around half or even a small size. I wear a size XXS in Athleta and a 2 in lululemon, but at Tracksmith I wear an XS all the way down, that’s what I’m wearing here. Most runners prefer a loose fit across the body to avoid highs that lift up. As a result, the Brighton is adjusted at the shoulders, chest and arms and then is more relaxed at the waist. If you are in between sizes, I recommend taking a size up.

Seamless knitting is ultra soft and stretchy. It is incredibly comfortable and comfortable to wear. It’s only about 52% merino, the rest of the manufacturing is a blend of polyester and nylon. The fabric is very light and breathable, ideal for balmy mid-season days when worn alone. I have the Brighton tanks from Tracksmith from a few years ago, and it looks like they’ve improved the fabric since then.


Although the knitting looks quite delicate, I can run with my Osprey bag and have had no problems with pilling so far. As you can see, the mesh is textured with a mesh effect. I love the way the knit pattern creates Tracksmith’s iconic waistband pattern on the front for extra style stitches.

The only thing this top has in common with other seamless styles, like lululemon’s swiftly tees, is just the fact that they are seamless. The fabric is quite different – Tracksmith’s Brighton is much softer and more comfortable to wear compared to my quickly long sleeves. One complaint I have about swiftlies is that the sleeves are very long (I’m 5’3 “), and the material is difficult to remove. Handcuffs bother me a lot. Tracksmith’s sleeves are a bit shorter and the more stretchy material allows me to easily slide the sleeves down my forearms to cool off. This is especially useful for layering, as the cuffs won’t create a mess of fabric around my wrists. Little people, you know What am I talking about.

Merino is a fabulous performance fabric, especially for winter, because it is naturally insulating and stink-proof. When it comes to casual wear sweaters, I find wool to be horribly itchy and miserable to wear. But for some reason I can wear Tracksmith’s merino performance tops without any itchy factor. If you’re skeptical of Merino, like I was, I encourage you to give it a try – returns are free! I was very surprised how much I love it. I am totally converted, and now I run regularly in merino.

The only thing missing on this top are the thumbholes. I’m a little sad that Tracksmith has moved away from the thumbholes in many of their long sleeve tops because I would use them if they were there. That said, it’s no compromise, and I’m still happy with this top without them.

If you prefer a thicker, warmer, and more solid merino top (89% or more), opt for the long-sleeved harrier instead. If you want lightness, but want thumbholes and a cheaper price, go for the twilight long sleeve. I have all 3 and I love each of them for different reasons.

At $ 88, the Brighton is a very expensive running t-shirt, but the quality is clear. It’s pretty much the same as lululemon’s quick tees, but I think Tracksmith’s offering is greater. If you’re willing to spend the cash, this is a great addition to any runner’s repertoire.

Outfit Details

Tracksmith Brighton Long Sleeve Underwear – plum
Lululemon wunder train high waist 21 ″ crop – true navy blue


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