Tracksmith Harrier Long Sleeve Review


Reviews of the Tracksmith harrier long sleeve t-shirt

Apparently nothing can stop my love for Tracksmith running tops. I have worn and love the Tracksmith Harrier chariot for summer racing for years (previously reviewed here). When they envisioned a long-sleeved harrier, I knew I had to try it. I now have this shirt in three colors, so you can probably see where this review is going.


The harrier has already made an appearance in my Vuori jogging article. Also take a look at this post if you would like to see more photos of the harrier in a different color.

Spring trail running outfit idea

Merino Wool Running Top: Tracksmith's Harrier T-Shirt Review

Tracksmith Running Top Review: Long Sleeve Harrier

Cut and fabric

The harrier has a high merino content: all three of mine are 89% merino, 11% nylon. The weave is tighter and the top looks a lot like a basic cotton t-shirt. When it comes to sweaters, I absolutely hate wool, even merino. It itches like crazy. But for a performing merino like this, my skin is much more tolerant. I can wear my harriers all day without any itching. It looks like cotton except unlike cotton it has strong performance characteristics.


I wear a size XS at the harrier, my usual size at Tracksmith. I wear a size 2 from lululemon and XXS / XS from other brands. As you can see, the top has a slightly fitted fit, but is not tight. This slightly loose (but not loose!) Fit in the lower half of the top is great for running, so I’m very happy with this size.

In general, Tracksmith tops tend to be slightly small, so if you’re in between sizes I recommend going up. Keep in mind the harrier has a bit of stretch, but it’s not as super stretchy as a lot of my workout tops. If you need more shoulder and / or chest room, you may need to take a size up.

The length reaches mid-hip on my 5’3 “frame. You can also see from the photos that the sleeves aren’t too long either. Overall this top (at least in this size) is rather small Especially tall runners may want to proceed with caution.

I have already reviewed the Brighton long sleeves from Tracksmith here. The Brighton and Harrier are both merino racing tops, but they are very different peaks. Brighton has a merino content of less than 52% with a blend of nylon and polyester. Knitting is also very different. Brighton is a lightweight mesh style knit (also more delicate) compared to the tighter harrier weave. Compared to the Brighton t-shirt, the harrier is warmer, thicker and less stretchy.

Reviews of the Tracksmith harrier long sleeve t-shirt

Reviews of the Tracksmith harrier long sleeve t-shirt

Performance and use

In terms of performance, harriers are ideal for spring / fall. It shines in mild to cold conditions and is one of the first peaks I hit when the weather permits. It is comfortable to wear, never climbs and breathes extremely well. I also like to wear it when I go up to altitude, even in summer, because even though it doesn’t have a formal UPF rating, the long sleeves and crew neck absolutely help protect my skin from ultra UV rays. -powerful from the sky of the mountains.

The only complaint I have about the harrier is that it doesn’t have thumbholes. As I often wear this top in cold weather, I like to have thumbholes for a little extra warmth when I’m starting out, but when it’s not cold enough to warrant gloves.

Spring trail running outfit idea

Tracksmith Running Top Review: Long Sleeve Harrier

As well as being excellent for running, the harrier is also getting noticed as a top for hiking, camping and backpacking. Since merino is naturally resistant to bacteria buildup, you can wear it more than once before it needs to be washed. Being able to wear this top multiple times is great for reducing the stench factor on multi-day outdoor adventures. During the summer, I have worn my harriers almost non-stop on my camping and hiking trips, and have even slept in them several times. I love the simple, non-technical look and feel, which means it goes on just as easily as a casual tee.

I have worn my normal running hydration vest with my harriers on many races, and it did not cause any pilling. On the other hand, when I carried my backpack for a day hike in a harrier, it just caused a little pilling on the lower back of one of the harriers. So while they don’t pill easily, they aren’t invincible either. Aside from the slight pilling of my backpack, I have worn and washed these shirts several times and their durability has been excellent.

Merino Running Top Review: Tracksmith Harrier Long Sleeve

Overall, this long sleeve is the main workhorse of my running wardrobe for spring and fall. I have traveled hundreds of miles in my harriers at this point, from quick jaunts around the neighborhood to races over 12 kilometers. They have proven their worth in everything I throw at them. I would absolutely recommend this top for runners, hikers, and backpackers. At $ 82, they’re certainly pricey, but in a similar price range to other high-end branded long-sleeve running tops. Tracksmith hardly ever offers sales or discounts meaning I paid top dollar for all of mine, but I have no regrets.

Tracksmith just released a few new spring colors of the Long Sleeve Harrier, as well as the Short Sleeve Harrier and Tank Top this week, so there is a good supply of sizes and colors available right now.

Reviews of the Tracksmith harrier long sleeve t-shirt

Outfit Details

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