Traditional draping styles are outdated: here’s how to wear a saree in no time


We all love to wear sarees, but when it really comes to the drape – let’s be honest – the process can be confusing for many. After all, how do you handle the nine yards of fabric with absolute perfection where everything is perfectly pleated with no wrinkles?

The answer to this lies in these four types of sarees. Check them out below.

One minute saris


This variant comes with its own petticoat. (Screenshot / isadoralife1 / Facebook)

One minute sarees have to be our favorite type – they come with everything. From petticoat to pallu and pleats – everything is tied in one. All you have to do is put on the petticoat, swirl once and you have your saree literally in a minute.

Velcro sarees

With velcro function, it not only makes the experience easy but also comfortable. (Photo: screenshot / oneminutesaree)

This variant comes with a basic velcro attached to the hem of the saree. All you have to do is wear your petticoat which can easily stick to the surface of the velcro. Then tie the velcro and you will have the most perfectly pleated saree in no time.


Saris without pleats

Pack a bit of oomph just like Shetty in this crease-free saree. Not only will you enjoy wearing a saree, the added hassle of wrinkling all over the place while walking will also be non-existent! How cool is that?

Wrap-around saris

Similar to the one minute saree, this one also includes the curling function. Except that it has no folds. Give it a try, as it might end up taking up a place in your closet for its accessibility.

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