Travis Scott crushes court uniform


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James devaney
James devaney

Travis Scott

There is nothing more heartwarming than a uniform. Steve Jobs in his turtlenecks. The giant passes of Karl Lagerfeld. Travis Scott’s utility vest, leather cargo pants and Nike? Travis Scott’s utility vest, leather cargo pants and Nike! The rapper anchored with animation on his Brooklyn Nets adopted last week in two variations of the same cut, with the slightest change of palette and accessories. (Sometimes you’ve got a brown / olive day; other days you just want to wear Rick Owens’ toughest black.) The lesson here is obvious: when you know what’s good and what’s wrong. looks good, there is no reason to wear anything else.

Pierre Suu

Justin bieber

The perfect vacation for Bieber’s getaway to Paris: a hoodie, crisp khakis and easy to walk Nike Dunks.

Craig barritt

Kerby Jean-Raymond

Designer Pyer Moss showed up at a design school in New York City last week. Steal this jewelry look!

Cindy ord

Megan Rapinoe

Nothing like too many impressions.

Santiago felipe

Adrien brody

Maybe you’ve heard that costumes can be loose and draped and all kinds of weird stuff now. Don’t worry: they can also be just plain slim and stylish.

Craig barritt

Delroy Lindo

A moderately ambitious man of style might pair this excellent silky shirt with a pair of loafers. Only a genius would wear it on the red carpet with hiking boots.

Jim spellman

David Harbor

Just a polite look.

Jamie mccarthy

Colman Domingue

This may be the first time we’ve seen socks and sandals on the red carpet. And we’re not mad at that.

Jamie mccarthy

Julien schnabel

Find this photo in the dictionary, classified under “iconoclast”.

Nathaniel S. Butler

ByAndré Jordan

OK, so the biggest disappointment about eliminating the Nets from the playoffs isn’t watching Kevin Durant blast opposing teams. But not too far down the list loses the team’s pretty tunnel adjustments, like that of DeAndre Jordan.


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