Tudor’s flagship model is now available in Badass


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The watch: Tudor Black Bay ceramics.

The only best thing about this watch: The classic Black Bay is now available in muscular ceramic.


The backstory: The Black Bay is Tudor’s iconic piece, its version of Jordan Brand’s Jordan 1, if you will. And with that in mind, a lot of Tudor’s new releases are still remixes of Black Bay. Case in point: of the five new Tudor releases announced in April at Watches & Wonders this year, four of them were Black Bay riffs. There’s also a Black Bay for your dad, mom, brother, sister, and Fido.

Courtesy of Tudor Watches

Now Tudor is releasing its Black Bay in another flavor: matte black ceramic, like an SR-71 Blackbird plane, a fleet of Kanye’s SHERP ATVs, or something we could describe as murdered if it was in 2013. There’s a reason why this particular shade of monochrome is so popular: it looks really cool. While the Black Bay at its roots is a diver’s watch – the rotating bezel and indexes painted with phosphorescent lume are hallmarks of style – the ceramic watch is more concerned with design than function. The dial isn’t the super readable material that most dive watches are made of and the lack of light on this watch means it’s best to show off above sea level.

The Tudor Black Bay (the Ceraremix): To continue the Jordan analogy, remixing the ceramic Tudor is a bit like making a Jordan 1 out of Kevlar. The material is super tough, like 10 out of 10 of those vapors that run out of the nostrils. While stainless steel is still the most popular material for watches, many of the best new things are classics made from something new and different.

Courtesy of Tudor Watches


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