Tyler, the creator covered that red carpet thing


Amy sussman

Tyler the creator

Tyler just released a new album, that would be Call me if you get lost– but he keeps his standard uniform in-game, but with some new record tweaks. He remains, without a doubt, Hollywood’s king of pullover jackets, and his dedication to calf-high white socks and season-repelling headwear continue to stand out. And every short on earth would do well to have this length. New keys include lightweight luggage, cutting edge jewelry, and the key fob for what I’ll bet is a sick vintage car in the lot. A perfect fit for the red carpet, especially because you feel like this is what Tyler wore all day before performing.

Adam pantozzi

Devin Booker

Booker continues to turn heads with his quiet, ultra-precise cuts. You barely hear them coming, much like, we imagine, the sensation of raining sweaters on her head.

Bertrand Rindoff Petroff

Travis Scott

To kick off his collaboration with Mondo Dior, the rapper took a tour with Kim Jones’ craziest costume and made it super easy to wear. This is not an easy task !

Leon Bennett

Harvey Keitel

Not the only guy allowed to wear sandals on the red carpet but definitely a of the only ones.

Paras Griffin
Paras Griffin

Lil Nas X

The undisputed champion of last night’s BET Awards, and another great reminder to only wear what makes you feel good.

Raymond room

Evan laughs

the Gossip Girl The star’s skate outfit should also serve as inspiration for everything you wear this summer.

Frazer harrison

Rhuigi Villaseñor

There is no better way to greet than in cream-colored shorts of your own design.

JOCE / Bauer-Griffin

French Montana

Silky and well hydrated!

Paras Griffin

Jack harlow

Tear it up and take it to your tailor.

Pierre Suu

Virgil Abloh

Maybe don’t ask your tailor to copy that, but follow Virgil’s spirit in transforming your costume into something deeply non-stuffy.


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