Vanessa Hudgens and Madison Beer have launched a skincare line called Know Beauty


There are hunches and then there are DNA tests. Vanessa Hudgens, co-founder of new beauty brand Know Beauty, knows it’s good to have both. Hudgens recently found out that she has sensitive skin – “Oh my gosh, my hunch was right,” she tells Zoom – through a test of the brand she recently launched with singer Madison Beer. Hudgens’ perfect intuition, the rest of us are just an exfoliating mask or overly creamy moisturizer far from a breakout. Beer, who has battled acne her entire life, finds herself without the powers of Hudgens and founded Know Beauty in the hopes of finally finding out for sure the issues plaguing her and helping everyone to do the same. .

“I was going through serious acne issues and never felt like I could fight it no matter what,” says Beer. “What if I did [manage to clear away the acne], that would be two clear skin days and then they would all come back right away. I really wanted to create and find something that could give people the answers they were looking for. So the couple partnered up with dermatologist Karen Kagha, MD, who is the brand’s chief medical officer, and developed a DNA taste to help people get to the bottom of skin care issues. “The DNA test shows what we can learn from genetics, in terms of collagen quality, sensitivity, hyperpigmentation, etc. Explains Dr. Kagha. “While you may not yet be able to visibly express these signs, your genes tell us what to expect.

Many skin care brands today offer solutions (serums, masks, moisturizers, blood facials) depending on the skin type. However, these products are based on the exact knowledge of these skin types, mainly on the basis of intuitions or educated guesses. Why not sample the DNA to find out if you are 100% that bitch with sensitive skin?


So how does it work?

Stamp and send

You start by taking a very simple cheek DNA swab kit. Your DNA is analyzed under seven main categories that work to predict the health of your skin.

  • Quality of collagen: did you know that collagen represents 75% of the dry weight of the skin? The genetic predisposition of an individual can play an important role in determining the rate of production and degradation.
  • Skin elasticity: Think of this as the firm and flexible category.
  • Glycation: Aka fine lines and wrinkles. Glycation is the main cause of accelerated aging and the adverse effects cause dryness (eczema), wrinkles, rosacea and acne.
  • UV production: The sun’s UV rays are the most well-known cause of premature aging. Let this category also serve as a friendly reminder to wear your sunscreen.
  • Hyperpigmentation: Melanin helps protect your skin from UV rays from sun exposure, but this exposure can also cause your skin to produce more melanin in an attempt to protect your skin, resulting in hyperpigmentation.
  • Antioxidant Protection: Antioxidants help eliminate the damaging effects of free radicals (think tobacco smoke, pollution, and oxygen) to protect your skin.
  • Skin Sensitivity: Sensitivity can be caused by various factors such as tissue, pollution, and weather changes. The test can identify the sensitivity of your skin and make it easier to introduce new products.

    Quiz time

    Users complete a short diagnostic questionnaire on lifestyle and other environmental factors that can impact the overall health of their skin. The DNA swab with this quiz will determine your results.

    The breakdown

    Know Beauty will send you a highly organized routine based on your results. You can then purchase all of the recommended products on Know Beauty. The product line includes cleansers, serums, creams, masks and moisturizers ranging from $ 20 to $ 50.



    The new generation pack

    The ultimate goal is for Know Beauty users to be equipped with the right tools for their skin type and to feel comfortable and beautiful in their own skin.

    madison beer

    Know the beauty

    madison beer

    Know the beauty

    “I feel the most beautiful when I glow inside,” Beer says. “I try to put a lot more emphasis on how I feel inside and when I’m happy, surrounded by good people, and I feel like my energy is good. I feel like I’m setting limits. I feel like I’m my own best friend, looking out for myself. Hudgens echoed the same sentiment: “I feel beautiful when my sanity is good, for sure.”

    Below, check out Madison Beer’s morning routine which includes her own Know Beauty product offering.

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