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“Listen, I’m not ashamed to admit that I really enjoy a good drink, ”says Vera Wang. ” Is not it ? ”

Sure. In fact, while it’s 5pm somewhere, it’s 11am on my floor, where I’m wearing a men’s oxford shirt for my dress while sipping prosecco straight from the bottle. Certainly it is a bottle of Vera wang prosecco — we’ll get to that in a minute — but I’m pretty young and cool-adjacent. Surely a few sips of spiked designer fizz can only enhance my appeal.

As for Wang, when it comes to seducing, she doesn’t need any help. The New Yorker’s name is synonymous with bridal beauties, including Ariana Grande’s most recent “I do” gown. (“She can’t comment on that,” her publicist says. “I will let’s say, it’s so difficult to work as a charmeuse, ”admits Wang. “And I think it’s obvious from all of my dresses, whenever you’re on the red carpet or at a party or in my store I’m fanatic about quality. I don’t care if it’s a t-shirt, a ball gown, or a wedding dress, it’s got to be perfection or it won’t be mine. Wang also has a runway collection, a release line at Kohl’s, seven fragrances, and a series of swimsuit thirst traps on IG that rival those of Kylie Jenner. Also: She will be 72 this month.


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“I live alone, obviously,” she said. “And so these photos were taken during my forties as a kind of laughter, but also a real refusal to give up. I had a collection to promote with no models, no photographer, no hairstyle, no makeup… But I was in Miami, and you know, you can’t beat the Miami sun at 5pm. It’s gold, you know what I mean? You could be Jack the Ripper in front of him and he would look good… So I said, ‘Look, we have these bars that we want to show off. Let me put them on Instagram. I threw a [Palm Angels] sports bra because it was too hot for anything else; it was like 95 degrees! I didn’t expect the reaction to be so overwhelming. I just thought we were just selling hair clips!

Then came the thirsty DMs: “You would be really shocked, ”she jokes – and the tabloids confess that she doesn’t really work or even thought about his model-fooled abs. (The Chinese-American designer has been competitive figure skater, but stopped after the 1968 national championships.) “I think technique for a good position, or for my favorite posts anyway, that’s the unique humor you bring to them. The real thing, I found, is being a little bit nuts. Make it a party, even if it’s just one’s party.

new york, ny may 07 vera wang and ariana grande attend the celestial bodies fashion the catholic imagination costume institute gala at the metropolitan museum of art on may 7, 2018 in new york city photo by kevin mazurmg18getty images for the met museumvogue

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It’s this concept – be your own party – that Wang has bottled and branded with his new Prosecco, which is indeed called Party. Created in the world-famous vineyards of Vincenza, Italy, the drink features citrus notes, a sweet finish, and a hint of apple and stone fruit – “It’s so much like creating a scent, putting it together” , says Wang – and tastes wonderful both pure and with peach nectar or orange juice. (Yes, I’ve tried all three. Trust.)

But why does the busy and very successful Vera Wang have to enter the wine market, especially when celebrities like Cameron Diaz and Nina Dobrev are already making it their next act? “I don’t think of it in terms of ‘We need a Prosecco’,” Wang replies. “I think in terms of ‘How do we create our own world of charm, fun and style? And what can live in this world? Our brand contains a little elastic; we can go where a “strict” fashion brand probably can’t. And I like to drink. I have millennials who drink. Then there are people like my godson, who is Gen Z, and some them are now able to drink. It’s happening all around me, so I wanna put my [stamp] above.”

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Wang notes that she has attended the ultimate party – the annual Met Gala – more often than any other guest, and as a bridal guru, she sees how big and small events emerge after the pandemic. “Are weddings the new Coachella? ” she laughs. “Of course, absolutely. It has become a kind of [caravan] where young people will attend weddings for 5 consecutive days. They will go from event to event in groups; they will have looks planned for each day and night. And I think it’s amazing, and of course I want people to enjoy the party during these really big celebrations. But also, “she said,” I think you can have a great time if you dress just for yourself and throw a party. “

Or, you know, half a bottle of Party itself.

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