Watch Selena Gomez go from no makeup to ready for a summer day and summer evening in rare beauty


Selena Gomez and her makeup artist Hung Vanngo have teamed up to do their first YouTube beauty tutorial together for the Vanngo channel, and the 30-minute video offers plenty of beauty tips, a look at the ‘extra big brother, little sister’ relationship. by Vanngo and Gomez. , as Gomez said, and an in-depth analysis of how to turn a summer day into a night day.

selena gomez without makeup

Selena Gomez without makeup, at the beginning of the tutorial.


selena gomez in her latest summer day look

Selena Gomez in her latest summer look



Selena Gomez In Her Latest Midsummer Night Makeup

Selena Gomez In Her Latest Summer Night Makeup Look


Vanngo primarily used products from Gomez’s Rare Beauty line to create a pink-hued daytime look and a more tanned nighttime look on Gomez. Gomez starts the video without makeup, and Vanngo goes through everything from applying the base (preferably with your fingers on Gomez) to how to create a glittery eyeshadow look for the night.

Gomez also went personal in the video, reflecting on how her lupus affects her skin and why she sometimes feels insecure in front of her eyes.

“I have lupus, which is an autoimmune disease where I can’t spend a lot of time in the sun,” she said when Vanngo applied the foundation. “When I break out I have hives all over my body so what I love about knowing my shades for when I’m a little paler and knowing my shades for when I’m sunbathing in a spray or something on the outside so it’s really nice to have two different foundation options [a lighter option in the winter and a slightly darker one in the summer]. “

When Vanngo applied a little concealer from her Rare Beauty line under Gomez’s eyes, Gomez explained why she was a little more sensitive to this area, attributing it to her work in front of the camera. “I think one of my insecurities has to be eye-to-eye for sure,” Gomez said. “I don’t know if it’s because I’m doing what I’m doing and I love it, but you look at yourself a lot and I feel like even if I don’t I know I’m beautiful in my own way but with my insecurities that I tend to like go to those areas of my face and what I love about our concealer is that I can put in as much as I want and it looks like to my skin and it melts.

You can watch the full Vanngo and Gomez tutorial below and also purchase the rare beauty products Vanngo used on Gomez.

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