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If you’ve been on social media for the past five years, aesthetically it’s clear the lips have it. In the past, lip injections were often an undisputed increase. (Again, most of the cosmetic changes were low-key until the online beauty renaissance.) Now there are over 1.6 million hashtags on Instagram with photos tagged with lip injections and in lip fillers, and Google searches for “lip injections near me” have increased since 2014. People are openly discussing their injectors. In short: the filler provides a major lip service to the non-invasive aesthetic industry.

From injecting putty directly into the lips to plump them up, to adding putty under the lower lip to make what you already have more pronounced, there are several options for increasing the area of ​​your lips, including tattooing. . This is by no means a new service – permanent makeup has been around for decades – but the days of lip liner lip liner tattoos are over. Check out lipstick, the tattoo that not only corrects the color but also improves the shape and size of your lips.

What is lipstick?

Blush is a form of semi-permanent makeup. This is basically a cosmetic lip tattoo that enhances the beauty of the natural color of the lips, improves the shape of the lips, gives definition and the illusion of fullness, ”said Christina Son, Owner of Sugarin Studio in Los Angeles. “This treatment gives very natural results once it has healed. The filler is great for creating volume in your lips, but the blush gives a more natural look and gives the illusion of fuller lips.

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Lipstick before and after at Sugarin Studio in Los Angeles.


Here’s how it works: A tiny, mechanized needle deposits pigments into the lips, creating layers of color. Son explained that it can be a corrective service to help even out the tone of the lips, but it can also help alleviate the asymmetry. The service can cost between $ 500 and $ 1,500 per appointment, depending on where you live.

Unlike traditional permanent cosmetic tattoos, blush is an evolved service that aims to provide natural, long-lasting results. Christophe drummond, qualified esthetician and master cosmetic tattooist at PFRANKMD Skin Show in New York, who has been offering permanent makeup services for seven years, has seen the evolution with her own eyes.


“Traditional permanent makeup uses a powerful machine, synthetic pigments and is embedded deep in the dermis. Today’s permanent makeup is very different: we use organic pigments and modern digital tools, ”he said. “The results are much more natural.”

“Today the industry has developed cool new techniques, like gentler machines and advanced semi-permanent makeup pigments,” Son imitated. “I use high quality vegan line pigments. In the past, traditional carbon-based tattoo ink produced harsh results that aged to an unappealing color.

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Lipstick before and after from PFRANKMD Skin Salon in New York.


How permanent is reddening of the lips?

Similar to a cosmetic service like microblading, which uses a blade to manually create small cuts in the skin, which are then filled with ink, results vary from person to person. Usually, the reddening of the lips can last for several years, although your lifestyle helps to maintain it; smoking and sun exposure can speed up the discoloration process, and if you are prone to oil, have an iron deficiency, or use a lot of exfoliating products in your skin regimen, the pigment may also fade faster .

A tattoo on the lips looks painful, especially to someone who might be looking for an alternative to injecting filler. Son said most of her clients rated her at three or four out of ten, with ten being the most painful; Drummond said his clients say there is little to no discomfort. Both numb the lips before serving. If you are concerned about your pain tolerance, a pain reliever like Tylenol can be taken before the appointment; should avoid aspirin and ibuprofen, as they can thin the blood and cause more sensitivity. Drummond also suggests avoiding fish oil and vitamin E.

What to expect from your date

So what happens on a date? First, there is the preparation of the pout. A topical anesthetic is applied to pre-numb the lips for 20 minutes. Then the technician will draw the shape of the “new” lips so that you can assess and make changes.

“In general, I like to make the Cupid’s bow a bit more pronounced and add fullness to the sides of the lips, as sometimes the natural color is lost in these areas. Once the client is happy with the shape, we start the actual tattoo, ”Son said.

The intervention takes place over a period of one hour to an hour and a half, or even more, depending on the desired look. After the date is over, your lips may be swollen – it’s a tattoo, after all – so you can ice them if needed. Over the next week or so, your lips will start to heal, which means they can scab over, so it’s important to plan this well according to your schedule.

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Lipstick before and after at Sugarin Studio in Los Angeles.


“For the first 24 hours, I advise my clients to gently blot their lips with a damp cotton ball and allow them to air dry. This is about keeping the lips clean and removing any body fluids that have surfaced and preventing the fluids from scabbing.

When it comes to scabs, it is important that they fall off naturally. Picking them up can lead to scarring or loss of pigment in these areas. Her also suggests avoiding workouts and sun exposure for two weeks (a great excuse to skip the gym if we say so on our own) and if you’re planning on getting injections wait a month. full. Sleeping on the face can also cause scabs to fall off prematurely. An occlusive ointment like Aquaphor should be worn to keep the lips well hydrated. (But again, Aquaphor should always be worn because it’s a godsend.)

Initially, the color will be super vibrant, almost like a lip stain. “It’s important not to be fooled by the immediate ‘after’ results. The immediate results are nothing like when the lips are scarred. Once healed, the color fades by about 30-50% and also blends into the natural lip color, ”Son said.

Scabs typically last five to seven days, and after four weeks the lips should be completely healed, but Son suggests a touch-up appointment around six weeks in case the client wants to change the shape of the blush or fill it in. in areas that may have rejected the pigment, although this is not required.

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Lipstick before and after from PFRANKMD Skin Salon in New York.


How to find a qualified technician

To find a qualified specialist, it is important to ask the right questions and not to base your decisions on social media. Always ask the technician how long they’ve been performing semi-permanent makeup procedures, the longer the better. If they have a Yelp profile, check the reviews over the past six months for the service you’re looking for. Some states require technicians to obtain a Bloodborne Pathogen Certificate or Body Art / Esthetician License, but each state varies, so check with your state board to find out what qualifications cosmetic tattoo artists require.

“If they have more experience with other forms of semi-permanent makeup, that’s always a bonus,” Son said. “If you have any skin problems or health issues, especially if they are related to your lips, you should always let the artist know.”

Lip, face, cheek, skin, chin, nose, pink, eyebrow, close-up, lipstick,

Lipstick before and after at Sugarin Studio in Los Angeles.


For example, if you have a history of cold sores or herpes, the procedure could trigger an outbreak. Prescribed antiviral medications should be taken before the appointment, and it should be noted that cold sores can affect the cured results of lip blush.

Instagram is a great discovery tool when it comes to learning about these procedures and potentially finding a technician to work with, but be careful and look at all of the tech’s work, not just a photo or two.

“It’s a good idea to review ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos, especially scarred photos. Don’t make the decision to work with an artist based on a single photo. The artist’s work needs to be cohesive and consistent throughout, ”Son said.

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