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If you have a pear-shaped figure, you are heavy at the bottom. You have rounded hips and buttocks, and the challenge of dressing your body is to give the illusion of a more balanced figure. To do this, you need to better understand what not to wear if you have a pear-shaped figure.

Here is how to dress a pear shaped body.


Don’t wear skinny jeans

Since you are heavier around your hips and bottoms, you should avoid wearing jeans or pants that fray. So skinny jeans, leggings, and other pants that accentuate your pear shape should be avoided at all costs. Instead, opt for straight jeans, palazzo pants, or even boot-cut jeans.

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Avoid wearing belts

Since the goal is to distract from the hips, it is best to avoid wearing belts or scarves or any other accessory around the hip area. Wide belts are especially bad because they tend to emphasize your hip size, making it more obvious.

Say no to tight dresses

Bodycon dresses just aren’t for you. These are dresses to avoid a pear shaped look. There’s no way to camouflage the pear shape in the overly revealing bodycon dress that clings to the body and shows off every curve. Empire waist dresses will go well on a pear-shaped body, as the fitted bodice followed by the flowy skirt is perfect for showing off her narrow shoulders while cleverly keeping the hip areas hidden at the same time.

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Avoid pastel-colored pants

As we all know, dark colors tend to sharpen an appearance. So by this logic, dark colored pants are your best friends, while pastel colored pants are to be avoided at all costs.

Pear Shaped Body Dress
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Do not wear high waisted pants

High waisted pants are just not a good idea if you have a pear-shaped figure. They don’t do anything to hide your heavy butt and will actually make it a lot more obvious. So opt for low waist pants instead to keep your figure more balanced.

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Avoid wearing mini skirts and booty shorts

Mini skirts and very short shorts are best avoided as they are not suitable for a pear-shaped body type. Short clothes will make your butt look limp and your thighs heavy. Knee-length skirts and shorts will work best for a pear shape.

Go for pointed toe shoes over round toe shoes

It’s a fact that shoes with pointy toes make your legs look longer, while shoes with round toes make your legs look sturdy. Since a pear-shaped body type needs longer legs to balance wider hips, pointy toes are the way to go.

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Quick advice: If you have a pear-shaped figure, jackets are your best friend. Wear well-structured jackets that end beyond your hip. Not only will the jackets give your shoulders more definition, but they will also help hide problem areas. Just make sure your jacket ends beyond your hips and not directly over them.

When it comes to pear-shaped prints and morphology, make flowers your best friend.

The rule of thumb when it comes to the pear shaped body type is to keep it simple and subtle at the bottom while playing it at the top. So, wear tops and dresses with details in the bust area and go for some interesting necklaces and scarves to draw attention and attention to your chest and shoulders and away from your hips.

Each type has their own set of challenges. The trick is to know your body type, what works and what doesn’t for you, and then harness your strengths. Now that you know what you can and can’t wear for your pear-shaped body, go ahead, follow these simple pear-shaped fashion tips and revamp your wardrobe to suit your body type.


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