Shoes to wear with a maxi dress

As the summer season prevails, with it comes the trend for maxi dresses. In warm weather, this light, airy and airy fabric works wonderfully. What else? They are super versatile and you can just adjust the look for the colder days by simply layering them over or even under these maxi dresses.

But what shoes to wear with maxi dresses? We are here to give great advice on the maxi dress shoes match. Because the best part about maxi dresses is that if they are embellished well, they give off a delicate aura, perfect for summer days and nights. The maxi dress is long, so you have to make it stand out with perfect shoes.


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So to learn how to create such a beautiful aura around you, simply by matching the maxi dresses with the right shoes –

1. Holding flat

The best thing about flats is that they pretty much go with any outfit! So while styling your dress with flat sandals, the only thing you really need to coordinate is the design of the sandals. This is the key that can increase or decrease your behavior. You can go for an apartment with sparkling jewelry for a charming look or choose gladiators for a fresh look. What about studded sandals for a bolder look or with woven, multi-colored bands for more ethnic clothing?
What shoes to wear with a maxi dress

2. The outfit with flip flops

They are comfortable, versatile and easy to put on. Flip-flops, when coordinated with long dresses, give the whole garment. Again, just select the appropriate prints and patterns and get the match. They can be printed on animals or in bright colors, choose what goes best. A maxi dress with flip flops is fantastic for a beach outfit or if you are up for a casual day. But don’t try to wear them in a formal place!
What shoes with a maxi dress

3. The outfit with wedges

For a more charismatic and trendy balance, why not pair your maxi dresses with wedges? When worn together, the wedges help give your maxi dresses even more height and stature. How to mix designs? Maybe you could don floral wedges with pale colored maxi or tan wedges with an Aztec maxi. Merge styles to find the look that’s right for you!


Best shoes to wear with your maxi dress

4. The heeled outfit

A crisp shoe to pair with maxi dresses if you’re going to a lavish place like parties. They can even work for a casual outfit if the heel is very low. Like the wedges, these also add to your height. There is a huge range to choose from – stiletto heels, pencil heels, chunky heels, etc. So slip into it depending on the event or the occasion!

shoes with maxi dress

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5. The outfit with sneakers

Espadrilles are another stylish and chic shoe, perfect to wear with maxi dresses. Available in a large amount of gorgeous designs, they can redefine your maxi dress outfit. But how to vary their style of slippers? Well, just choose some heeled espadrilles. This will build a new layout everywhere, different from the classic toggles.

So that was what to wear with maxi dresses. But what about shoes to avoid? We suggest that you avoid closed-toe shoes to wear with a maxi dress. It just doesn’t pair well with the maxi dress. So what shoes not to wear with maxi dresses?

1. No outfit with boots

The gallant aura of the boots just doesn’t do justice to the charming semblance of the maxi dress. Plus, they’re too hot and clingy to wear on a summer day. It just seems trendy and wrong.
closed shoes to wear with a maxi dress

2. No outfit with sneakers

Again, sneakers are too sporty to blend in with the pleasant maxi dresses. They bring the low look as the maxi dresses are light and airy and they just add weight to the ensemble.

What shoes to wear with a maxi dress

3. No outfit with low-heeled clogs

High heel clogs could still be incorporated with maxi dresses but not with low heels. There is simply no correspondence between the two separate pieces. Try not to “make it work”.

Shoes to wear with maxi dresses

4. No outfit with moccasins

Just like the boots, they are too manly and don’t quite follow the beauty of maxi dresses. Wearing closed shoes is not recommended anyway. Select something else.

Best shoes to wear with maxi dresses
So now you have an idea of ​​what shoes go with a maxi dress. Have fun mixing and matching these shoes and get that perfect look!

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