When Raj Khosla’s Mera Saaya pulled off a twist that can best be described as refined Abbas-Mustan

Sadhana, the actress who sported Audrey Hepburn-like haircut known as Sadhana cut in India was known for her unique beauty, fashion sense and choice of movies. Sadhana was quite selective about her films, which is why despite her high popularity, she appeared in much lesser films than her contemporaries. The actor was at his peak in the 1960s, this was when Sadhana was at its peak. She had struck gold with films like Woh Kaun Thi, Waqt and Mere Mehboob among others, and she was able to show off her acting skills in one of the finest films of her career – Raj Khosla’s Mera Saaya.

Mera Saaya, starring Sadhana in a dual role with the ever charming Sunil Dutt, was a mystery film and saw Khosla direct another engaging thriller after ID, Kala Pani and Woh Kaun Thi (also featuring Sadhana in a dual role). Khosla, who somehow doesn’t get as much credit as his contemporaries, knew how to weave a thriller, planting just the right kind of red herrings into a story. Enough that you can pick up on the clues, but not so much that you feel the climax a mile away – and it’s that kind of restraint that worked wonders in one of his best films, Mera Saaya.

mera saaya movie Raj Khosla (left) with Sunil Dutt and Sadhana on the set of Mera Saaya.


For the uninitiated, Mera Saaya is the story of a man (played by Dutt) whose wife (played by Sadhana) dies in his arms, until months later a doppelganger claims to be his wife. and have enough evidence to support it. claim. As the man drowns in his grief, we go on a ride with him in various flashbacks where he had a perfect life, with his perfect wife in a sprawling mansion. We witness the love story of newlyweds Geeta and Rakesh strolling through the Lake Palace in Udaipur, which turns out to be his residence in the film. With the magical voice of Lata Mangeshkar singing “Nainon Mein Badra Chhaye”, you begin an empathetic journey with him as he cannot look at a corner of his house without thinking of his deceased wife.

Mera Saaya soon turns into a court drama where the judge decides that to recover her identity, the woman in question will have to find evidence. The cops found her with a gang of dacoits who called her Nisha, so Rakesh still believes the dacoits are trying to take advantage of him. The woman in question, meanwhile, reveals intimate details of their marriage to the court, shares secrets no one else could have ever known, but when confronted with the question of her diary, she shut up. Rakesh is the advocate of his own case and is constantly in a dilemma while claiming that he is deeply convinced that the one who died was his wife.

The film’s final act pulls off one of those classic Raj Khosla moves, which might be described to today’s viewers as a more polished version of an Abbas-Mustan twist, and delivers a conclusion that’s been planted along the way but which is absolutely not obvious for a spectator for the first time.

The famous song from the movie “Mera Saaya Saath Hoga” was recently brought to our memory after the death of Lata Mangeshkar as Amul paid tribute to the legendary singer. It is said that when the movie played in theaters, audiences threw coins at the screen while playing ‘Jhumka Gire Re’. With lyrics by Raja Mehdi Ali Khan, Mera Saaya’s album is still remembered as one of the classics of the 1960s.


Watching it in 2022, the film doesn’t shock you in any way, but it certainly leaves room for the possibility of creating thrillers that aren’t obvious to begin with.

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