While Taapsee Pannu calls Kangana Ranaut “irrelevant”, she responds with a jibe “Category B actor”


Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut replied to Taapsee Pannu declaration where Haseen Dillruba actor said Ranaut is “too irrelevant for me in my personal life”. Kangana took to Instagram to share her statement on the matter.

On her Instagram story, Ranaut wrote: “She calls the producers and begs Kangana ji ne kuch chhoda hai toh mujhe de do please, aur aaj iski aukaat dekho, jo kabhi gareeb producer ki Kangana kehlane mein bhi proud feel karti thi… aaj mujhe hi unimportant keh rahi hai ha ha. Insaan aur uski fitrat ajeeb hai. Anyway, all the best with your movie girl. Try to promote it without my name (She used to call producers and beg for roles I had turned down. Watch her today. She felt proud to be called the Kangana of a poor and now she calls me irrelevant. Human nature is strange). ”

kangana ranaut Kangana Ranaut shared this statement on her Instagram Story.


Kangana shared another statement on Instagram. She wrote: “I don’t mind that B grade actors use my name or my style or general interviews or career strategies to promote themselves or their careers… Of course they will use my name. Growing up in the industry, I was also inspired by those who did it before me but I never disrespected them. I have always shown immense respect for those who inspired me like Vyjanthimala ji, Waheeda ji and Sridevi ji. Magar doosro ke sar by peacock rah kar upar chadhne ki koshish karne vale ko uski aukaat dikhana zaruri hai… (People who step on others as they try to rise in life should always remember their place) Hello to all.

Kangana said this in response to Taapsee’s statement to HT where she said, “I have no feelings for her, good or bad. And I think both hate and love come from the heart. If you hate someone, it comes from the heart. But the worst part is when you don’t care, when you are indifferent to that person, when that person has no value or relevance in your life. I think it’s the worst feeling a person can have for the other. And that’s it, so it doesn’t matter to me.

Kangana and Taapsee have been involved in a war of words on social media a few times.



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