Who is Adam Faze?  – Meet Olivia Rodrigo’s Boyfriend

Olivia Rodrigo’s music may have sparked rumors she’d dated her before High School Musical: The Musical: The Series co-featured Joshua Bassett, and the two had a breakup drama, but Rodrigo moved on. E! reported on June 30 that the 18-year-old singer was dating 24-year-old new producer Adam Faze. A source close to Rodrigo told the outlet that she brought Faze as her plus one to the Jam space 2 first and introduced him as “her boyfriend”.

So who is Faze? Get to know Rodrigo’s new partner and everything that has come out of their relationship so far.

olivia rodrigo and adam faze


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Faze and Rodrigo were seen showing a PDA during their Jam space 2 Dated.

Rodrigo doesn’t hide his relationship with Faze at all, E! reported. On their June 29 Jam space 2 outing, Rodrigo not only introduced Faze as her boyfriend, but the two were flirty at Six Flags Magic Mountain, where the event took place. “Olivia was in a good mood to celebrate Jam space 2 last night, ”the source said. “They were really cute together and didn’t try to hide their affection at all.” The source said Faze and Rodrigo were “together all night” and were seen “holding hands at one point”.

A estranged reveler, Stuart Brazell said, according to E !, that “the two together felt comfortable and new, and it seemed like he knew a lot of people there too. It was just like a new kid. comfortable love, hug.

Faze and Rodrigo dated a few months before going public and were “getting serious” in early July 2021.

E! was also informed by a source that Faze and Rodrigo secretly started dating weeks before their Jam space 2 exit. “[They] met through industry friends, ”the source said. “It’s only been a few months, but she seems really happy with him and they’re definitely dating and getting serious.”

Faze and Rodrigo follow each other on Instagram but have yet to publicly post about their relationship.

While Faze and Rodrigo attended their first event together in late June, the two are keeping their relationship offline for the time being. Faze’s personal Instagram is now private as reports of their breakup. His professional Instagram, itsnotafaze, is still public and Rodrigo follows him.


olivia rodrigo following adam production account


Rodrigo, meanwhile, has yet to share any post on Faze on her own account. Faze isn’t a musician’s first partner to make their Instagram private: Ariana Grande’s husband Dalton Gomez also made his Instagram private when they were first reported as involved in a relationship in love.

olivia rodrigo and adam faze ig activity

Faze follows Rodrigo on Instagram.


olivia rodrigo and adam faze ig activity

Rodrigo follows Faze on Instagram.


olivia rodrigo and adam faze ig activity

Faze’s now private personal Instagram.


Faze already wrote for Forbes.

Faze worked as a contributor for Forbes in 2017, when he was 20 years old. According to his site biography, he describes himself as “a twenty-year-old creative storyteller and entrepreneur focused on one thing and one: the future of entertainment.” Adam is the co-founder of Chateau Savant, an event series launched this year during the Cannes Film Festival (May 18-26, 2017), and is represented by Brillstein Entertainment Partners and Ziffren Brittenham LLP.

jamie dolan and adam faze in january 2020

Jamie Dolan and Adam Faze in January 2020

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Faze has worked as a director, producer and screenwriter.

Faze boasts of having written, produced and directed credits on their IMDb page, with the bulk of their work taking place in 2020 and 2021. Faze has writing credit on TV series Day by day, was executive producer of the series and produced two shorts, How Moving and River Fork, which are being released this year. He notably directed “Nothing Good”, the clip for Goody Grace with G-Eazy and Juicy J.

adam faze, left, with jamie dolan

Adam Faze, left, with Jamie Dolan.

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Faze runs a production company, Must B Nice, with Jamie Dolan.

Dolan and Faze launched their production company last March, and their narrative podcast Day by day got considerable buzz. The two spoke to In the wings about the program and their company. Faze reflected on starting his business right at the start of COVID:

Funny, we launched our production company, Must B Nice, the first week of March. And literally a week later, it’s COVID and the world is falling apart, and everything we had planned to do for the rest of the year was obviously not going to happen anytime soon. There was a moment [when] we just sat there and thought, “We’ve got to do something about it.” All of our favorite writers are at home and all of our favorite actors are at home, and if there’s one way to collectively go through this thing – which isn’t just going to last two weeks – it’s by telling the story we’re all going through. Because for the first time on Earth, everyone has been touched by the same thing. It was, like, three days in quarantine and we said, “It’s ‘Day in and day out’; it’s this narrative podcast of stories inspired by what we go through. In one month, on April 17th, we released the first episode and started this bi-weekly show.

Faze added, “We didn’t expect a narrative podcast to be the first thing in our business, but it’s 100% representative of the type of business we want to have. Because in this changing landscape where there are so many different mediums, you always have to think on your feet. And at a time like this, when it got so much harder to produce anything, we wanted to do something, the best thing we could, knowing that we can’t shoot easily. And so it was always going to be the audio space.

Day by day is not Faze’s first podcast. When he was 18, Faze had his A helping hand podcast where he interviewed people about being successful in Hollywood as he tried to launch his own career there.

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