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Mickey and the bear Camila Morrone is a rising star in Hollywood and off-screen, the woman who has captured Leonardo DiCaprio’s heart for years since the two began dating secretly in late 2017. A year after quarantining together, the couple are still Also strong, with DiCaprio and Morrone were last pictured together in Malibu on Remembrance Day with DiCaprio’s dad.

Below, everything you need to know about the 23-year-old model, actress, and last lady in DiCaprio’s life.

Her breakout role came in 2019 Mickey and the bear.

The Buenos Aires-born artist comes from a family of artists including her father Maximo, a former model, and her mother Lucia Solá, an actress. Although growing up with parents in show business and even attending high school that inspired Beverly Hills 90210, Morrone told the Los Angeles Times she resisted playing:


“I’ve seen them struggle their entire lives to be financially independent actors, and seeing them go through that, I was kind of put off,” recalls Morrone. “There was so much angst around acting, and it was such a topic of conversation – never knowing where your next paycheck is going to come from. I thought, ‘I’m going to go to college. I’m going to have a normal 9 to 5 job. And sure enough, I ended up just like them.

After supporting roles in the film directed by James Franco Bukowski and 2018 Death wish alongside Bruce Willis, his breakthrough came in 2019. In indie Mickey and the bear, she played the titular Mickey, a high school student taking care of his family in small town Montana. The performance has been compared to Jennifer Lawrence’s role in The bone of winter, for which Morrone told the Los Angeles Times, “I’m not letting anything go to my head. I think the most important thing is not to believe any of your journalists. “

Camila Morrone


She will be the next star of the Amazon series Daisy Jones and the Six.

Morrone’s next major role will come in Amazon series produced by Reese Witherspoon Daisy Jones and the Six. She will co-star on the music show, based on the 2019 novel of the same name, alongside Riley Keough. Morrone will play Camila, the girlfriend of singer Billy Dunne, and, by deadline, “the group’s center of gravity”. In the series, “she follows the love of her life in her rock star quest to discover her own potential along the way.”



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Morrone is also a model.

According to Magazine W, Morrone is signed to IMG and made her catwalk debut in 2016 at the 2017 Moschino Resort Show. She also graced the cover of Vogue Turkey and modeled in campaigns for brands such as Coach and Topshop.

She told the Los Angeles Times that the balance between modeling and acting can be difficult. “I was so ashamed of my modeling story when I started acting, so I tried to hide that part of my life, because I didn’t want to be seen as too sexy for a role,” a- she explained. “I ‘heard,’ Oh, she doesn’t sound intimate ‘, or’ too voluptuous’ or – I don’t mean sexy, because then I seem to think of myself that way. – which I don’t do – but often times.

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She has been linked to Leo DiCaprio since late 2017.

Morrone was first seen with the Oscar winner in December 2017 while shopping at Barney’s in Los Angeles. Us weekly reported that the couple were “hooking up” months after their May split with model Nina Agdal. Reliably, given DiCaprio’s dating history, people have questioned the more than two-decade age gap between Morrone and 45-year-old DiCaprio.

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In July 2019, she shared vintage photos of Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart, who had an age gap of 25, with the caption “Love Like This”. When her followers interpreted the post as a comment on her own romance, she defended her relationship on Instagram Stories.

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She said later Los Angeles Times, “There are so many relationships in Hollywood – and in world history – where people have big age differences,” adding, “I just think anyone should be able to date who they want to date. . ” Morrone also addressed the attention she and DiCaprio have received, saying, “I’d probably be curious about this as well.” However, she explained, “I think more and more now that people see the movie, I’m slowly getting an identity outside of that,” she said. “Which is frustrating, because I feel like there should always be an identity besides who you are dating. … I understand the association, but I have no doubts that this will continue to be. escape and be less of a conversation.

They debuted at the awards ceremony as a couple.

Things continued to progress for the secret couple. After skipping the Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild Awards, Morrone and DiCaprio made their first public appearance together at No. 1 at the Oscars in February. DiCaprio was nominated that night in the Best Actor category for his performance in Once upon a time in hollywood.

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Morrone and DiCaprio were in a “serious” relationship during the height of their forties in 2020.

In June 2020, the relationship of this couple remains “serious”, according to a People source. The pair recently celebrated Morrone’s 23rd birthday on a celebrity-filled yacht while wearing masks and respecting social distancing. But the POS insider says DiCaprio and Morrone mostly spent time alone. “He’s generally very independent, spends a lot of time with friends, but because of the confinement he mostly spent time with Camila. He loves being with her,” the source said. People, add, “Leo spent months with Camila 24/7 at his home.”

After more than a year of quarantine, DiCaprio and Morrone are still together.

The couple kept their relationship off social media but were pictured in late March 2021 in Malibu together, more than a year after quarantine began amid the coronavirus pandemic in the United States.

On Remembrance Day (May 31, 2021), they were photographed again in Malibu, this time with DiCaprio’s father, strolling on the beach.

The two spent New Years in Boston, where DiCaprio filmed Do not seek. Eyewitnesses spoke People about Morrone and DiCaprio’s shopping spree at the Italian Table Mercato. Another customer, Kaitlin O’Driscoll, said Morrone had really stocked up for an Italian dinner. “He [DiCaprio] basically he said to his girlfriend, “here’s my credit card, go crazy and make sure you have cannoli,” and he got out and got in the back of the car. He had the bluest eyes I have ever seen in my life.

Store worker Marta Trvcinska told the outlet the couple were “nonchalant and cold” when shopping and “were definitely trying to keep a low profile.”

In December 2020, a source said Entertainment tonight that three years later, the relationship between the two was excellent despite the pandemic. “They are very much in love,” the source said. “Camila is the girl of his dreams. She is young, sweet, simple and it’s easy because she gets along well with her family and he also gets along very well with his. They have known each other forever and it works.”

She has famous friends and a famous relative.

Morrone has 2 million Instagram followers and regularly hangs out with other famous faces, including models Hailey Baldwin, Elsa Hosk and Martha Hunt. During a recent appearance on The Late Show with James Corden she even talked about scoring an invitation to Adele’s birthday party.

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The actress has experience with celebrity decor, as her stepfather is Oscar winner Al Pacino. According to Magazine W, Pacino and DiCaprio are “old friends of the family,” which may have played a role in his stepdaughter’s pairing.

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