Who is Emily Alyn Lind?

Audrey H. entered the chat, and while she isn’t Hepburn – as Blair Waldorf might prefer – she is one of the Upper East Side’s hottest elites in HBO Max’s Gossip Girl the comeback. Originally billed as a teenage girl who “has been in a long term relationship and is starting to wonder what could be more”, Audrey Hope is played by Emily Alyn Lind, a 19-year-old performer who has been performing since. age 5. .

“I watched [the original Gossip Girl] a few years ago, “she said City Country in 2020. “It’s definitely a classic, I think, and it’s just such a fun show to watch. So I was excited when this project saw the light of day because I was already a fan of the creators.

Below, everything we know about the star, including her special connection to another popular teen drama series.


She was one of the first cast members to get involved in Gossip Girl official.

Alyn Lind confirmed the news of her casting on Instagram in March 2020, writing, “Saw you on the Upper East Side soon, xoxo;)”. Showrunner / executive producer Joshua Safran also expressed his excitement, tweeting: “Very excited to welcome supernaturally talented Emily Alyn Lind to GG. Expect more cast information very soon.”

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Alyn Lind was the first actor to fill in the designer clothes once worn by Blake Lively and Leighton Meester. In November, The Wrap announced that Kristen Bell would be returning as the series narrator, and Safran said Entertainment tonight that the new characters would reference Serena, Blair, Chuck and Dan. But Alyn Lind was not joined by her entire cohort, including Jordan Alexander, Evan Mock, Thomas Doherty, Whitney Peak, Zion Moreno, Savannah Lee Smith and Eli Brown, until later.

During an interview with the Vulture Festival, Safran explained that the cast and content of the reboot will be very different from the original. “Even when I went to a private school in New York in the 90s, the school didn’t necessarily reflect what was going on. Gossip Girl, “he admitted. “So this time around, the lead roles aren’t white. There’s a lot of queer content on this show. A lot of it is about how the world looks now, where the wealth and the wealth come from. privileges and how you handle that. The thing I can’t tell if there’s a twist, and it all relates to the twist. “

She has worked as an actress since her childhood.

Long before Alyn Lind said XOXO to her new gig, she had racked up credits for film and television. Her first screen appearance was when she was just 6 years old, when she played a young Dakota Fanning in 2008. The secret life of bees. From there she played Shirley Temple in the movie Scorsese J. Edgar, recurring in the ABC drama Revenge, and co-starred in the 2019 horror film Doctor Sleep.

Premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures' "Doctor Sleep" - Red carpet

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She is also a singer.

The occasion of a musical episode of Gossip Girl maybe in the cards. In November 2019, Alyn Lind released her first official single “Castles”. She also regularly shares covers of songs and guitar solos on Instagram.

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She has a special link with A tree hill.

Alyn Lind certainly must have received some sound advice from her mother on how to star in a successful teen drama. Alyn Lind’s mother is none other than actress Barbara Alyn Woods, who played Deb Scott in nine seasons of A tree hill. Woods posted his support for Alyn Lind on Twitter, sharing several stories about his daughter’s new role.

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In fact, Alyn Lind’s entire family is involved in show business. Her father is assistant director / producer John Lind (Legends of the Fall, Soul surfer) and her two sisters — Natalie Alyn Lind (The Goldbergs) and Alyvia Alyn Lind (At the sea)are also actresses.

Netflix premiere "The babysitter" - Arrivals

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“I never had any lessons, but if anything, I did have acting lessons from my mom,” said Alyn Lind City Country. “She just taught me early on to feel it, to deal with it.”

She is apparently the actor in charge of planning the event.

In an interview with IT, Alyn Lind and her Gossip Girl Co-stars Thomas Doherty and Evan Mock have revealed that she is in charge of the actor meetings.

“Emily was amazing,” Doherty said. “She always puts in so much time and effort and organizes things for all of us. And she organized us to go up north to Kerhonkson for Thanksgiving. We all spent Thanksgiving together.

“We also spent Easter together,” added Alyn Lind. “I have to plan another [event] right now, in fact.

She loves androgynous fashion.

For the Gossip Girl New York premiere, Alyn Lind wore a custom Gucci men’s suit, but she revealed to Harper’s Bazaar that she also prefers to dress without distinction of sex at home, especially when she can don a good find.

Emily Alyn Lind at the Gossip Girl New York premiere

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“I guess I dress a little more androgynous in my personal life, and it’s true. I really like androgynous clothes, “she told the magazine.” I know a lot of people don’t like to save. … I had friends, they were like, ‘It smells like old people. smells of dust mites, it smells of mold, “all that stuff. And I’m like ‘Dude, that smells like history.'”

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