Who is Gabriella Brooks?  – Meet Liam Hemsworth’s Model Girlfriend


After announcing his separation from his wife Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth quietly got serious with his one-year-old girlfriend. Hemsworth was first linked with model Gabriella Brooks in December 2019, marking her first major relationship since her August 2019 divorce from Miley Cyrus. In October of that year, he was spotted showing off a PDA with model / actress Maddison Brown in the West Village. It is not known what caused this courtship to end.

About a year and a half after their first public release, Hemsworth and Brooks are still going strong. Below, what you need to know about Hemsworth’s last lady in life, including their first couple Instagram pic.

They are now official on Instagram.

After staying private on Instagram, the couple appeared in two photos together on Hemsworth’s grid at the Gold Dinner, a charity event, in Sydney. Many commentators have said that they briefly thought Brooks looked like Jennifer Lawrence.


“A fantastic night to raise funds and raise awareness about one of the biggest and most difficult issues, children’s mental health,” he wrote. “Thank you @itsmondotcom for organizing the party and all you do for the Sydney Children’s Hospital @sydney_kids #golddinner.”

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liam hemsworth girlfriend

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Hemsworth bombed a recently released photo of Brooks, her friend Michele Merkin and her sister-in-law Samantha Hemsworth

liam hemsworth gabrielle brooks

Michele MerkinInstagram

He’s there! ^ Brooks is on the far left, Merkin is in the middle, and Samantha Hemsworth is on the right.

“Wish you croctails and laughs for life! #Hbd #gg,” Merkin wrote on the slideshow in honor of Brooks’ birthday.

the The couple are said to be still together after nearly 18 months of dating.

After a year of dating, a source told E! that Brooks “brings out the best” in Hemsworth. “Her relationship with Gabriella is very different from that of Miley,” the insider explained. “They like the same things and have the same lifestyle.” The source went on to say that while Hemsworth’s 10-year relationship with Cyrus was “a roller coaster of ups and downs” that “Gabriella is very laid back and even edgy.”

If that wasn’t enough, she more than bonded with the Hemsworth family, according to the source. “The family are very approving and enjoying having him with them,” the insider told E !. “They are happy for Liam that he has found someone who brings out the best in him.”

Us weekly previously confirmed that Brooks first met Hemsworth’s parents in Australia in 2019 and gained support from her family. “Liam feels comfortable with Gabriella,” a source told the outlet. “His family approves of him and really loves him, which is very important to him.” New idea captured the first photos of the couple kissing on the beach in January 2020.

At that time, a source said People that Brooks and Hemsworth were “getting serious”. The insider explained, “Liam and Gabriella spent a lot of time together in Australia. Gabriella met Liam’s siblings and parents. According to the source, the couple have a lot of joint activities, including exercise. , surfing and relaxing at the beach and Hemsworth’s friends approve.

They went official on Instagram (sort of).

By March 2020, an E! The insider said Hemsworth was “delighted to be dating Gabriella”, adding: “His family really loves him and they have a normal relationship without drama.” The source also said their personalities are compatible. “They can both be completely themselves and take things at face value,” the insider said. “She’s low-key and down to earth. So far it’s been very easy and fun.”

Although the couple’s relationship has been mostly private, the couple went semi-official on Instagram in November 2020. To mark Luke Hemsworth’s 40th birthday, the whole family gathered for a 1920s-themed party in Australia. Chris Hemsworth shared a black and white photo of the day on Instagram, which included Liam and Gabriella’s first official appearance on IG. They posed alongside Luke and his wife Samantha, Chris and his wife Elsa, and the parents of the Hemsworth family, Craig and Leonie. “Happy 40th birthday @hemsworthluke great legend !!” Chris captioned the post.

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Brooks helped Hemsworth really move forward after his divorce from Miley Cyrus.

A source said Entertainment tonight in April 2020 that Hemsworth’s relationship with Brooks really helped him overcome the pain of his breakup and divorce from his last 10-year-old partner, Miley Cyrus.

“While Liam’s family have been very supportive since the breakup with Miley, it was Gabriella who made him realize that there is life after Miley,” the source said. “Gabriella is calm and low-key. She loves being alone with Liam and doesn’t seek the attention of others. Gabriella is young but adores him. She gets along well with her parents and closest friends. started dating, they had amazing chemistry. “

After Cyrus spoke out on his split from Hemsworth on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast in September, a source spoke to Us weekly about how Brooks feels about Cyrus. “They are both safe in their relationship and Gabriella isn’t concerned that Liam has lingering feelings for Miley and isn’t intimidated by their relationship,” the insider said. “Liam and Gabriella are very close and feel comfortable with each other. They connect on important topics and share the same values ​​about family and life.

The source went on to say that the couple are “going strong and quarantined together and enjoying their time in Byron Bay,” adding, “Liam has upcoming film projects and is happy to be living in Australia and to be able to spend her free time with Gabriella.

Brooks may have adopted a puppy with Hemsworth.

If a report from Daily mail is to be believed, Brooks and Hemsworth may have adopted a French Bulldog puppy together. The store posted photos of the couple enjoying a day of shopping. At one point, Brooks reportedly made his way to a food market while Hemsworth stayed in the car with the pup. It would be the couple’s first pet together. Hemsworth previously even shared dogs, two horses, two mini horses, three cats and a pig with Cyrus.

She met members of the Hemsworth family.

We don’t know when exactly Brooks and Hemsworth started dating, but she met the parents. According to Daily mail, Hemsworth introduced Brooks to his father Craig and mother Leonie over lunch in Byron Bay, Australia on December 13, 2019. Photos show the 22-year-old smiling and hugging family members, alongside from Hemsworth, before sitting down to a meal.

'The Dressmaker' Australian Premiere - Arrivals

Zak KaczmarekGetty Images

If Brooks’ Instagram activity is any indication, this account of events could be true. On November 30, she captioned a series of photos, “Byron <3", suggesting she had spent time in the area.

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In July 2020, Brooks and Hemsworth were spotted hanging in Byron Bakery with the actor’s older brother, Chris, by the Daily mail.

She is an Australian compatriot.

According to ELLE United Kingdom, Brooks has also made Australia its home. She is said to be based in Sydney, studying ancient history and archeology at the University of Sydney. A source tells E! in March that the couple’s common country of origin brought them closer together. “The connection with Australia is really nice for both of you,” the source said. “She wants to be in Australia just as much as he does, and they both love being there and spending time with family and friends. He doesn’t feel like he’s far away.”

Brown, the last person Hemsworth was linked with, is also from Down Under. As for their short-lived story, a source said We weekly, “Liam and Maddison weren’t that serious and mostly had fun together.”

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She’s a model.

According to Daily mail, Brooks is represented by model agencies Storm, Priscilla and Next. In a January interview with It’s Now Cool, she says she was spotted and signed when she was 14. She has modeled in campaigns for brands such as Topshop, Calvin Klein and Solid & Striped.

She was dating 1975 lead singer Matt Healy.

Like Hemsworth, Brooks is said to be exiting a long-term relationship. During the summer The sun reported that Brooks and 1975 frontman Matt Healy went their separate ways after nearly four years together. The outlet noted that although the couple made their public debut at the 2017 Brit Awards, they have been together since 2015. According to The sunsource, there was “a strain on their relationship, not helped by the fact that he’s been on tour a lot this year. “As for their breakup, the insider said,” He parties a lot at the house when he’s out there and Gabby had just had enough. She doesn’t want to lead her life like this. “

Brooks and Hemsworth don’t follow each other on Instagram.

Those hoping this couple will go official on Instagram may have to wait a while. Neither Hemsworth nor Brooks follow each other on Instagram, and they don’t like the photos on the other person’s feed either. This led to rumors of a May breakup, with the Daily mail citing that Hemsworth had abandoned Brooks. But it’s not clear if these two have ever followed each other to begin with. And in the months following this report, the couple were spotted together in Australia.

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