Who is Marc Kalman?  – Meet Bella Hadid Art Director’s Boyfriend

Bella Hadid appeared to subtly debut a new romance on her Instagram on July 8. The 24-year-old model shared a photo of herself and art director Marc Kalman huddled at the back of an IG gallery, along with photos of her in France.

“The time of my life,” she wrote. “Healthy, hard at work and loved ❤️‍🔥🌹” Kalman kissing Hadid in the last photo:

bella hadid and marc kalman


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Kalman’s addition was noticed by fans and media alike, who speculated that she was making their private romance official on Instagram. Their release in France wasn’t the only time they sparked dating rumors, after all.

E! reported a day after the photo was released that Hadid and Kalman are truly a couple in their own right. “Now that they have gotten more serious, she is delighted to be seen with him,” a source close to Hadid told the outlet.


So who is Kalman and what is his history with Hadid? Here, what you need to know about the man who conquered the heart of Hadid.

Kalman is an art director who has worked with Travis Scott for years.

There is a Kardashian connection between Kalman, who worked as an art director for Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend, Travis Scott, and Hadid, who is close to Kylie’s sister, Kendall Jenner.

Kalman is well known for his work with Scott in the music industry and has a prolific portfolio site describing his various projects, from album art for Scott to branding for Made Fashion. Week by Milk Studio.

Kalman and artist Corey Damon Black, who works together on Scott’s branding, did an interview with 1985 where they talked a bit about their work. The play served primarily as a profile for the two, with writer Periel Aschenbrand describing Kalman as a good listener, a “young Fabien Baron, Charles Saatchi and Steve Jobs all rolled into one” and “more careful and calculating” than Black.

Black opened up about his working relationship with Kalman, saying, “Marc manages my impulses. When I’m working on something, Marc is the only person I talk to. I’m going to a cave. I don’t want to hear what other people think.

When asked how Black and Kalman brought their art to the Internet, Kalman and Black offered the same answer: “With value and respect”.

Kalman is private on social media, although he and Hadid follow each other.

Don’t expect Kalman and Hadid to speak publicly about their relationship. Kalman, like Ariana Grande’s husband Dalton Gomez and Olivia Rodrigo’s new boyfriend Adam Faze have taken her Instagram to private.

Hadid follows him however, and he follows Hadid.

marc kalman and bella hadid follow each other on instagram


marc kalman and bella hadid follow each other on instagram


The Daily Mail first linked Kalman and Hadid in June 2021.

June 5, The daily mail released a video of Hadid having lunch with her “beautiful rumor” Kalman. It was the first time that any media had romantically linked the two. The video came after the unverified Instagram gossip account DeuxMoi published a post claiming Hadid had a new boyfriend earlier in the year.

After Hadid posted her Instagram with Kalman, DeuxMoi took stock of their relationship, where DeuxMoi claimed that Hadid had been quietly involved with Kalman for some time. Of course, Hadid didn’t check this out, so gossip whatever you want.

DeuxMoi wrote, “She’s been with him for a while. This is the same guy I was talking about when I told you she had a boyfriend months ago.

post of deuxmoi on bella hadid and marc kalman


E! was informed by a source a day after their debut that Hadid is “completely in love” with Kalman and that their relationship is serious.

Hadid posting Kalman on her Instagram was a deliberate next step in their relationship. A source close to Hadid spoke to E! about their link on July 9, describing Hadid as “completely in love” with Kalman.

“[They] I tried to keep it super low-key and private, ”the source began. But things are changing now that they’re IG official: “Now that they’ve gotten more serious, she’s delighted to be seen with him. She’s really so happy right now.

Hadid and Kalman met in New York City through their work.

Hadid and Kalman haven’t met at any Kardashian parties; their work in the fashion industry connected them. The source of E! explained that Kalman and Hadid “had already met in New York while they were working. He has been the creator of many fashion projects and their paths have crossed several times.

Hadid’s family and friends all approve of her and Kalman.

Hadid took her time after her August 2019 split from The Weeknd to be single for a bit, the E! Source said, but ultimately she “finally felt ready for a new relationship.”

The source did not specify when exactly she and Kalman first started dating, but the insider revealed that he had met Hadid’s family and friends.

Hadid’s mother Yolanda, sister Gigi and Gigi’s boyfriend Zayn are among those who met Kalman and were charmed by him, the source said: “She introduced him to her family and they all think he’s a great guy.He hung out with Gigi, Zayn and Yolanda on several occasions and they all approve and love him.

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