Who is Richard E. Grant in ‘Loki’?

If you made it through everything Loki episode 4 credits – and if you haven’t, let’s discuss the right way to watch a Marvel show – then you know what made fans dizzy this week: an explosive mid-credits scene which reveals more about the future of the franchise than any of the previous 45 minutes. Marvel loves these teases almost as much as she loves Spider Man restart.

But this particular mid-credits scene offers more to chew on than the many clues we’ve seen before, in large part because it’s bolder, more original, and more chaotic. It offers fans not one but Three new cameos, including a frowning appearance by Gosford Park actor Richard E. Grant. What is he doing in that deliciously ill-fitting neon spandex, you ask? Let’s explore the possibilities.

Spoilers ahead for Loki Episode 4.


The final seconds of “The Nexus Event” confirmed what we had already guessed: Loki, although “pruned” by the Time Variance Authority, is still alive. (This also means that Owen Wilson’s character, Mobius, must also be alive somewhere.) Despite being banished from the TVA headquarters to an unknown realm, Loki’s body and mind are still intact. . It seems that “pruning” is not so much a death sentence as it is a teleportation device.

Where he is now, we cannot be sure. The landscape vaguely resembles a post-apocalyptic New York City; look at the dilapidated skyscraper on the right side of the screen, and you’ll notice it looks like Manhattan’s Stark Tower. But the three faces that watch our favorite variant of Loki are completely unknown.

The one in the middle is the easiest to identify. A teenager with drooping dark hair and a horned seal adorning his chest and forehead, that must be Kid Loki (sometimes known as Teen Loki and played by Jack Veal on the show), a younger version of the “real” Loki. and an iteration that joins the Young Avengers in the comics. To his left is a mysterious figure (Deobia Oparei), reminiscent of Thor but with a golden hammer and more stoic demeanor compared to Chris Hemsworth’s affable God of Thunder. They are accompanied by Alligator Loki – either that or a pet with a penchant for hats.

a photo of the loki credits scene


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Finally, there’s Richard E. Grant’s character on the right. Draped in the iconic Loki’s original outfit from the early comics, this aging variation is decked out in canary yellow and forest green, her long, scowling face perhaps only matched by the length of her shiny horns.

This set of Loki variants, gathered in one place, is almost certainly a foray into the high-profile multiverse that Marvel has been gathering since the Avengers: Endgame the credits turned black. There are rumors that the next Tom Holland Spider Man movie, Spider-Man: No Path Home, could feature multiple cast from past reboots, including Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, but Loki – and “The Nexus Event” in particular – is our first confirmation that multiple versions of our heroes (and villains) can coexist in one space.

Grant’s character, in particular, deserves further study. His name of “classic Loki”, dressed in his period costume Jack Kirby, gives us some clues about his personality. Long before Tom Hiddleston turned Loki into an empathetic (and very unconscious) antihero, Classic Loki was an unrecoverable king in a yellow cloak. He was much more of a Joker than a buffoon, a tyrant rather than a lost and suffering child. Her relationship with Thor was not one of distant brotherly love but one of fiery hatred. Grant’s irritable frown hints that this variant of Loki is unlikely to appreciate the younger’s jokes and jokes. If he’s helping our beloved Loki, he’s probably got an angle that doesn’t involve saving the world.

It’s also worth noting that Classic Loki’s death in the comics gave way to Kid Loki’s first appearance. The two are linked through the timeline, which might explain why they are allies in “The Nexus Event”.

The only variation we miss in this family reunion is Sylvie, who is stuck at TVA headquarters with Judge Ravonna Renslayer. But I can’t imagine she’s gonna be away for long. This show heads straight for the chaos of the timeline, and Sylvie wouldn’t dare miss the fun.

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