To lose weight, there are many techniques such as having lime with lukewarm water, cutting down on fast food and calories, going for a morning walk or going to the gym. But there is nothing more effective than natural techniques such as yoga and aerobics.

The question is, which one is more effective of the two – yoga and aerobics? Both are good for the body but in different ways. If weight loss is your goal, it’s hard to beat the caloric power of cardio exercises. If you want to regain a supple body, yoga is for you. However, the best workout plan combines a mixture of exercises for a wider range of benefits. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that for optimal health, aerobics and muscle building activities like yoga are crucial.

Fat loss

Fat loss occurs when more calories are used up than consumed. Running at 5 miles per hour, aerobics burns about 600 calories in an hour. A moderate intensity yoga class burns around 350 calories. However, let’s not pass judgment on calories burned. When you exercise five days a week for an hour, running has the potential to burn three pounds more than yoga over an eight-week period. So, aerobic exercise is the winner hands down!

Fat loss
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Endurance and strength

While aerobic exercise does build endurance, that is, the ability to maintain activity for a longer period of time, it does not do much to increase strength. In 2011, research was conducted with 79 male and female volunteers as they engaged in the yoga technique of saluting the sun six days a week for 24 weeks. The Asian Journal of Sports Medicine published the study, which found a significant increase in strength and endurance in both men and women. Winner: Yoga hands down!

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Endurance and strength
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Cardiovascular fitness

Although yoga involves systematic breathing which improves respiratory capacity, aerobic exercise ultimately outclasses yoga in the cardiovascular realm. This is because it elevates the heart rate for prolonged periods. This improves the efficiency of the heart muscle, allowing it to do more work with less effort during rest times. The winner in this case is aerobic exercise!

Cardiovascular fitness
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Strong minded

It is heartwarming to know that yoga and aerobic exercise produce immediate and lasting changes in the mental outlook. This includes reduced anxiety and depression, improved self-esteem, and a greater overall sense of well-being. Some of the changes seen with both forms of exercise may be related to improvements in body composition. The winner: tie!

Strong minded
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The final analysis

Losing weight is a mental game. In the fight against the bulge, being in tune with his behaviors and emotions is the greatest asset.

  1. Eat plenty of vegetables, high-fiber fruits, nuts, high-protein foods, and be sure to include carbohydrates in your main meals. Dinner can be light.
  2. Yoga will help you in strength and flexibility and aerobics will give you a cardio workout. You can switch between the two. Rest for a day depending on how you feel. Don’t exhaust yourself trying to lose weight.
  3. Don’t fall for the claims that doing 100 suryanamskars will lead to weight loss. The shape is more important. Overdoing it too soon and in the wrong form will cause injury.
  4. Eat healthy, homemade foods and avoid all sugar-free snacks and junk foods. You will definitely feel lighter, fitter and more radiant. Take this as the start and don’t stop exercising afterwards.

Losing weight is 70% eating habits and 30% exercise. Depending on your body composition, you can choose between yoga and aerobics or both to achieve your weight loss goal.


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